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5 Things I Miss about Melbourne Summers

December has always been my favourite month as it meant a few special events. Christmas. Holidays. The end of a year and a time of reflection. The beginning of summer. How I relish those Aussie summers. For the first time in 9 years, I’m spending December away from Melbourne and as you can guess, I’m missing… Continue reading 5 Things I Miss about Melbourne Summers

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Of Truffle Fries, Waffles & Coffee

Can anything be more overdone than these 3 food items in Singapore? Visit any cafe or casual restaurant and you’re sure to find at least 1 of these on the menu. Haha I guess it’s the Singaporean culture – 1 thing works out and the rest follow suit… So you can guess I’ve had my… Continue reading Of Truffle Fries, Waffles & Coffee