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Homemade Marinara

Once in awhile, we all have to do that fridge stock-check, don’t we? And to our horror, we would discover some food forgotten in the icy depths of our home fridge. I’m usually quite conscious of what I put in my fridge (i.e. I only buy ingredients that I’m quite sure that will be cooked soon) but I guess… Continue reading Homemade Marinara

Cooking Adventures

Easy Peasy Gourmet Salad

Now, I’m no Jamie Oliver that can whip up a 3-course meal in 15minutes but I’m very happy to say that I’ve found a salad recipe that is can be made in 10minutes tops. And the best part? It even has a gourmet slant to it that would definitely please the crowd! So read on… Continue reading Easy Peasy Gourmet Salad

Cooking Adventures

A Little Green Boost

Today’s post will be short and sweet, but will possibly boost some fruitfulness into your life! Haha aren’t I punny… Okay, so it goes that I enjoy a good smoothie, especially in the summertime… mmmm. But I can never quite justify the cost of it – $6 for a cup of slushed up veggies & fruits??… Continue reading A Little Green Boost

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Housesitting at Ms NO’s

How does the idea of cooking in someone else’s kitchen sit with you? Does that excite you, knowing that you have the opportunity to play around in a new environment and fiddle with someone else’s gadgets or does that make you nervous, as you step outside of your own comfort zone and navigate your way through… Continue reading Housesitting at Ms NO’s

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A Summer Night In

This was back towards the end of summer, when the days were still warm and I still had a stash of pippis in my freezer from our last pippi-picking outing at Venus Bay (don’t judge, I’ve a pretty powerful freezer!). So feeling the urgency to use those pippis before the summer was over, I invited some of the girls… Continue reading A Summer Night In

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The One Where Lamb Made It to the Table

Ever since I’ve lived in Melbourne, I’ve come to appreciate, among many other things, lamb. Lamb is not that readily available in Singapore so before Melbourne, I’ve never actually tasted lamb and the closest thing that I’ve tasted is mutton. And I can’t say that I’m a big fan of mutton because of the heavy… Continue reading The One Where Lamb Made It to the Table

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6 Sisters Round the Table

What happens when you have a friend who shares your interest in cooking and good food? Haha well, expect him/her to egg you on! (Uh-oh, too punny?) Well, if you haven’t already noticed, a lot of my friends enjoy their food. In particular, there’s Ms JQ. So Ms JQ and I are fans of Jamie… Continue reading 6 Sisters Round the Table

Cooking Adventures · Dinner Parties

The Great Steak Out

Dinner parties – oohhh there is something about it that draws me. The planning of the menu, the excuse to cook up some special dishes, the inviting of the guests, the beautifying (read: tidying up) of the house, the surprise dish or gift that the guests turn up with, and of course, the enjoyment of… Continue reading The Great Steak Out

Cooking Adventures

Easter Lamb Stew for Christmas

Yes, you read my title right – what is a recipe for Easter doing here in the near-Christmas season?? So Christmas is fast approaching and for many people here in Australia, it is a time of family feasting – lots of roasts, seafood, fresh fruit, desserts… the list goes on! So yes, there is no… Continue reading Easter Lamb Stew for Christmas