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The typical Melbourne cafe is usually filled to the brim with people on weekend mornings, filled with chatter, clinking of coffee cups and cutlery, the hissing of the espresso machines, with the aroma of coffee, eggs and bacon in the air. In short, the typical Melbourne cafe is loud and full of energy. Well, Beatrix… Continue reading Beatrix

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The Town Mouse

If I were to sum up the¬†experience at The Town Mouse, I would called it an underrated overdrive of the tastebuds. Haha, does that sound like a mouthful? Well read further and I’ll explain! I thought of this place when my high school friends suggested to meet up for 1 last dinner before one of… Continue reading The Town Mouse

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The Reading Room Cafe

For my very first cafe/restaurant review, I thought it best to explain the picture gracing my blog header at the moment. So yes, that picture was taken at The Reading Room Cafe, a cosy little cafe nestled inside Victoria University. This cafe came under my radar as I follow this particular blogger and I’ve noticed… Continue reading The Reading Room Cafe

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Easter Lamb Stew for Christmas

Yes, you read my title right – what is a recipe for Easter doing here in the near-Christmas season?? So Christmas is fast approaching and for many people here in Australia, it is a time of family feasting – lots of roasts, seafood, fresh fruit, desserts… the list goes on! So yes, there is no… Continue reading Easter Lamb Stew for Christmas