5 Reasons to Love London

It is said before about London – it is dreary, expensive and can be one lonely city.

Yet, people remain fascinated with London. All around the world, people flock over to London to work, study or live there.

So there are 2 camps about London as a city – liveable or not?

London on a fine day

Well, having lived in the most liveable city (as up to 2014) previously, I must say that London was pretty dear for our pockets.

But upon stepping into London after a week in Italy, it felt like home again for me.

To hear English being spoken again, seeing cars on the ‘right’ side of the road, and experiencing the cosmopolitan scene that so resembled Melbourne’s, it did bring me much warmth in the cold wintry weather.

So yes, I did grow fond of the city. But whether I can envision myself living there, that would be something to think about next time – I’m quite happy where I am now πŸ™‚

Anyway, here are my 5 reasons to warm up to this city!

1. The Tube

Taking the tube to our accom

It’s soooo expensive (2.20pounds for a single trip!) but oh-so-reliable.

We never had to wait more than 2minutes for a tube and that made our short trip to London so much more efficient.

Haha love the character of the station sign! (pun intended)

And it was so refreshing to ride the tube that felt safe (as opposed to taking the metro in Rome or Barcelona)!

2. The vibrant city life

Piccadilly Circus still bustling with activity past 9pm

London is definitely not a snooze city and there are things to do after the sun sets. I was surprised to see the city as lively at night in winter, even in the freezing cold weather!

Was trying to capture the street performers at Tralfagar Square but ended up with this instead. Looks cool right??

And yes, if your wallet can afford it, I must say the shopping scene is quite tempting in London.

Harrod’s anyone?

Yay was already happy to find the chain in London, and even happier to find that it was the sales period!

For me personally, I only splurged at the Cath Kidston sales and saved all my other pounds for Marks & Spencer’s!

And finding something else to do in London? How about a musical at the West End?

Yesh finally managed to watch this!

And let’s not forget that the New Year’s Eve celebrations in London are pretty special…

We were fortunate to have this view from our accom! Can you spot the London Eye?

Yup, London is one happening city.

3. It is a mishmash of cultures.

I love how cosmopolitan this city is.

Basically, we were staying at a Swedish couple’s apartment and were welcomed by their Italian friend and their homemade Swedish gingerbread. You getting the cosmopolitan vibe yet??

Living the Scandinavian way in the heart of London

As opposed to really sticking out in Italy, we blended into the crowd seamlessly in London. And it was an added bonus that we spoke the same language!

Was quite impressed by the size and liveliness of Chinatown

4. Its British Character

Despite its globalised nature, London still has its British side, which gives the city much charm.

Hello Parliament House and Big Ben!

It was really cool to spot things around the city that were distinctly British.

Doubt anyone uses these telephone booths anymore but who cares!

It’s Paddington Bear!

Buckingham Palace! Didn’t spot any royalty though 😦

On a sunny winter’s day, we did a walk around the Tower of London. It was a really pleasant walk πŸ™‚

As you can tell, there are lots of landmarks to see in London. Would have loved to do the free walking tours if we had more time.

5. The Food

Nothing like good ol’ British fish & chippies. But I must say that the quality surpassed my expectations.

And of course, how can you miss out on the food scene in London??

Can’t go past Burger & Lobster!

I have to say, we enjoyed nearly all (I say nearly, ahem) of our meals in London, from the neighbourhood Fish & Chips to our lunch at a 2-Michelin star restaurant, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.

AHHHH the famous Meat Fruit by Heston Blumenthal

With such exciting foodie episodes we had in London, it won’t do much justice to squeeze them all in 1 post. So wait up for more posts on those experiences!

There you have it – 5 reasons to fall for this city. Whether it is liveable or not, it’s really up for debate. But to live it up as a Londoner for awhile, I reckon it’s worth the experience!

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