The Art of Discovering Florence

During our summer in Europe last year, we met an Italian guy and told him we were enroute to Cinque Terre. He then spoke about his home country and said, You must visit Florence. Florence is an open gallery itself – beautiful! he exclaimed, in the usual excited Italian manner. I got what that person meant when… Continue reading The Art of Discovering Florence

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Finding My Next Meal

Hello hello! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I have been leaving you all hanging for awhile so I guess it’s time for some updates… i.e. where I’ve been finding my meals since my last post and where I’m going to find my next meal!  Since Dec 2014, I bade farewell to my home for the… Continue reading Finding My Next Meal

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Mangiare in Italia – Part 1

After eating our way through the South of France, we come to the motherland of pasta, risotto, espresso and of course, gelato. I actually have come to appreciate Italian cuisine alot since moving to Melbourne. I like the simplicity of the cuisine, and the honest, fresh flavours that are brought out in Italian cooking i.e. lots… Continue reading Mangiare in Italia – Part 1


The Last of My European Summer: Milan

Allora, here we are at the end of my European Summer adventure: Milan! In all, we had about a day to explore Milan and to me, I felt that it was enough. As a city itself, Milan is quite pretty too but it doesn’t seem to be teeming with activities like Barcelona. The weather was… Continue reading The Last of My European Summer: Milan


La Bella Cinque Terre

Viva Italia! Yes, we continued our coastal adventure into Italy, where we got even more sun-kissed, had more rugged coastlines to view and not 1, but 5 beaches to choose from! I must admit that I felt a little reluctant biding farewell to France, thinking of how I would miss their croissants, delectable French food,… Continue reading La Bella Cinque Terre