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Merchants Guild

Sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of Saturday mornings to go for the more popular brunch places and have a full-out brunch venture. During such times, we can only afford a simple brunch in a convenient location. And that is how we arrived at Merchants Guild. Basically, this was the situation: we wanted to do a later… Continue reading Merchants Guild

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Comfort Lunches for $10

It’s always nice to have a meal out over the weekend, and I guess even in cafe-friendly Melbourne, there are times when we tire of cafe food. And there would be just times that we desire something a little more wallet-friendly and a little less fancy but hitting the spot at the same time. Otherwise… Continue reading Comfort Lunches for $10

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Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse

In the midst of many cafe giants, let me tell you something about Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse: it is Melbourne’s best kept secret. Tucked away in a quiet corner of North Melbourne, this cafe has never come on my radar. But time and again, I would hear Daimz mention about this place. I just didn’t think too much… Continue reading Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse

Dining Review · France

Le Côté Délicieux de France

Being fans of the French cuisine and knowing that we were entering the country with the most number of Michelin star restaurants, Ms Gan and I started off our French leg with much anticipation. I was all ready for an exciting gastronomic experience, and was all out to discover le côté délicieux de France, or the delicious… Continue reading Le Côté Délicieux de France

Barcelona · Dining Review

My Spanish Food Quest

As far as I know how Spanish cuisine goes, it would be tapas, churros, chorizo and tapas again. So was that what we found in Barcelona? Let’s find out! Our Airbnb host was instrumental in kickstarting our Spanish Food Quest; the moment we got to his place, he gave us restaurant cards and marked them out on… Continue reading My Spanish Food Quest

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Nieuw Amsterdam

There’s a hot new kid on the block and his name is ‘Nieuw Amsterdam‘. That’s right, he’s so cool that he ain’t just ‘new’, but ‘nieuw’ yo. After a holiday, there is always that dreaded but necessary need to adjust back to the routines of life. As you can probably relate, the first day back… Continue reading Nieuw Amsterdam


The Last of My European Summer: Milan

Allora, here we are at the end of my European Summer adventure: Milan! In all, we had about a day to explore Milan and to me, I felt that it was enough. As a city itself, Milan is quite pretty too but it doesn’t seem to be teeming with activities like Barcelona. The weather was… Continue reading The Last of My European Summer: Milan


La Bella Cinque Terre

Viva Italia! Yes, we continued our coastal adventure into Italy, where we got even more sun-kissed, had more rugged coastlines to view and not 1, but 5 beaches to choose from! I must admit that I felt a little reluctant biding farewell to France, thinking of how I would miss their croissants, delectable French food,… Continue reading La Bella Cinque Terre


South of France Continued: The French Riveria

So from the rolling greens and lavender fields, we moved on from the hilly areas and travelled into the coastal region of the South of France. From there, we experienced a change in temperatures and landscapes; from a windy and cool climate to a hot and humid environment, and from countryside views to pebbled beaches and azure blue waters.… Continue reading South of France Continued: The French Riveria


South of France: Carcassonne & Provence

After 4 days in bustling Barcelona, things seemed to slow down a little as we arrived in the South of France, which was well away from the urban areas. I was kind of glad we did that instead of doing the conventional route of visiting Paris. I just found it nice to go where the… Continue reading South of France: Carcassonne & Provence