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Thai Culinary Takeaway via Menulog

Disclaimer: This meal was courtesy of a $30 voucher given by Menulog.  When I first told my housie Ann of this takeaway service that we were going to try out, she immediately quipped, ‘So exciting! This is just like room service!’  How true. So thanks to Menulog, we were invited to try out their online… Continue reading Thai Culinary Takeaway via Menulog

Baking Tales

Having A Cupcake Party

Cupcakes – what’s there about it that doesn’t appeal, especially to a girl? The petite size that doesn’t make the sweet tooth guilty, the pretty icing, as well as the variety of colours that appeals to the eyes. But on the other hand, there are some things that doesn’t make cupcakes that favourable. The overly sweet… Continue reading Having A Cupcake Party

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Fat Bob’s

Don’t you have those days when you just crave for some grease in your system? Just thinking about that burger dripping with oil and meat juices. And with that slice of melty cheese to add on more grease. Oh and throw in a few salad leaves to make yourself feel a little better and dress… Continue reading Fat Bob’s

Brunch · Melbourne


So all’s been quiet on the brunching scene lately for me, as I’ve been occupied with church activities on Saturday mornings and my usual brunch partners have been busy as well… Ah, such are the responsibilities of life! But one cloudy Saturday morning, Andrew, Ms CC, Ms JQ and I managed to gather for some brunch action… Continue reading Fandango

Baking Tales

Matcha-do About Nothing

Oh whoops I couldn’t help myself – Shakespeare readers would know what I mean 😛 So I’ve a confession to make – baking used to terrify me. I never understood how a pile of ingredients (eg. flour, eggs, sugar etc.) can somehow transform into something so unlike the original ingredients when mixed together and popped… Continue reading Matcha-do About Nothing

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A Taste of Home

Despite living in a city that is a melting pot of cultures, I still find my local cuisine a little under-represented in Melbourne. I guess it can’t be helped that with my home country being a tiny red dot on the global map, it is inevitable that it is often being overshadowed by bigger Asian countries on… Continue reading A Taste of Home