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For That Bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup

Eating out can be such a social affair but there are times when you want to take a break from the kitchen, and yet do away with the small talk or networking over a fancy meal. Just some simple conversation and down-to-earth food would do… ever felt like that? It happened that I was having a pretty rough week –… Continue reading For That Bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup

Cooking Adventures

Easy Peasy Gourmet Salad

Now, I’m no Jamie Oliver that can whip up a 3-course meal in 15minutes but I’m very happy to say that I’ve found a salad recipe that is can be made in 10minutes tops. And the best part? It even has a gourmet slant to it that would definitely please the crowd! So read on… Continue reading Easy Peasy Gourmet Salad

Cooking Adventures

A Little Green Boost

Today’s post will be short and sweet, but will possibly boost some fruitfulness into your life! Haha aren’t I punny… Okay, so it goes that I enjoy a good smoothie, especially in the summertime… mmmm. But I can never quite justify the cost of it – $6 for a cup of slushed up veggies & fruits??… Continue reading A Little Green Boost

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Hare & Grace

One of the nice things about living abroad is that when friends or family from your home country visit, it is an excuse to meet up and bring them around. And it’s especially nice when these are people you won’t meet or even talk to very often when you’re in the home country itself. Speaking as… Continue reading Hare & Grace

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Chin Chin

‘Chin Chin‘ have always been the buzzwords when I ask for recommendations for the hottest Melbourne restaurants in town. I’ve also been pretty late in the trend, considering that their head chef has since gone on to expand onto Kong, which has created quite a bit of a buzz too! However, with Chin Chin, the words ‘long queues’,… Continue reading Chin Chin

Baking Tales

Berry Inspired Cupcakes

I couldn’t resist slipping in that pun. You can take it however you want it – cupcakes inspired by berries, or just cupcakes that are berry inspiring, haha! So remember when I said that the gelato I had in Italy got me thinking about some flavour combinations for desserts? Well, I channeled that inspiration into… Continue reading Berry Inspired Cupcakes

Dining Review

Mangiare in Italia – La Finale

All right, let’s just finish this off shall we? 😉 Despite being fed so well in Cinque Terre, I wasn’t expecting much from Milan, given that we just had a day there, and that this was the least-researched place out of our entire trip. So yes, we had our share of touristy restaurant meals but there… Continue reading Mangiare in Italia – La Finale

Dining Review · Italy

Mangiare in Italia – Part 1

After eating our way through the South of France, we come to the motherland of pasta, risotto, espresso and of course, gelato. I actually have come to appreciate Italian cuisine alot since moving to Melbourne. I like the simplicity of the cuisine, and the honest, fresh flavours that are brought out in Italian cooking i.e. lots… Continue reading Mangiare in Italia – Part 1