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Two Birds One Stone

So as I’ve mentioned before, to make a brunch memorable, there are 2 essential elements – coffee & the food. The coffee has to be made good enough to perk you up and the brunch fare should be exciting enough to get you raving. And did Two Birds One Stone managed to kill these 2 birds with… Continue reading Two Birds One Stone

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6 Sisters Round the Table

What happens when you have a friend who shares your interest in cooking and good food? Haha well, expect him/her to egg you on! (Uh-oh, too punny?) Well, if you haven’t already noticed, a lot of my friends enjoy their food. In particular, there’s Ms JQ. So Ms JQ and I are fans of Jamie… Continue reading 6 Sisters Round the Table

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Casual Eats at Collingwood

What comes to your mind when you hear of Collingwood? A dirty suburb lined with old buildings with peeling paint and tasteless graffiti stricken all over the walls, with dodgy-looking people walking around… Or do you think of a cool suburb lined with vintage buildings and artistic graffiti to give that hippie feel, with interesting-looking… Continue reading Casual Eats at Collingwood

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The Great Steak Out

Dinner parties – oohhh there is something about it that draws me. The planning of the menu, the excuse to cook up some special dishes, the inviting of the guests, the beautifying (read: tidying up) of the house, the surprise dish or gift that the guests turn up with, and of course, the enjoyment of… Continue reading The Great Steak Out

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Station Street Trading Co.

Do you ever feel that sometimes, you need a break from a break? Sometimes, travelling can be quite exhausting – from the planning of going into the unknown, the navigating around a foreign land, making sure that you’re maximising your time there and hitting the best spots… it can all be quite overwhelming! I like… Continue reading Station Street Trading Co.