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Of Truffle Fries, Waffles & Coffee

Can anything be more overdone than these 3 food items in Singapore? Visit any cafe or casual restaurant and you’re sure to find at least 1 of these on the menu. Haha I guess it’s the Singaporean culture – 1 thing works out and the rest follow suit… So you can guess I’ve had my… Continue reading Of Truffle Fries, Waffles & Coffee

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Waffling Around in SG

Wonder where to get a good waffle in Singapore? Well, ever since I’ve returned, I’ve been introduced to 3 waffles places so it seems that waffles are the ‘in’ thing. The competition is hot like a waffle iron indeed! (hurhur) So let’s not waffle around and get down to these 3 places that I’ve checked… Continue reading Waffling Around in SG

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Of Cherry Picking & Afternoon Tea

Cherry picking. Afternoon tea. What comes to mind when you think of these words? A perfect summer’s day in Melbourne, perhaps? 😉 Ms Gan and I seem to have done a lot of summer activities in 2014, with us traipsing around Europe in July… It just so happened that it was the beginning of summer… Continue reading Of Cherry Picking & Afternoon Tea

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If I were to describe Nora in 1 word, it would be ‘abstract’. Nora is not quite your average Melburnian cafe with poached eggs, smashed avocado, toast or usual espressos and let me show you why… This cafe first came on my radar when Andrew chanced upon it while walking home from uni. He tried a coffee… Continue reading Nora

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Taste of Melbourne

I am blessed with some really good friends – when Ms JQ won a pair of tickets to the Taste of Melbourne event, she promptly asked if I wanted to go with her. And of course I replied, ‘YES!’ We were also blessed with good weather when we got there. Earlier in the day, it… Continue reading Taste of Melbourne

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Pigging Out at Brunswick

Judging from the hits for the last post, I think a number of you enjoyed looking through Noel’s photos so here’s another collaboration post! As the title suggests, this time round, we hit up Brunswick, a hippy suburb known for their vintage shops and cool cafes. Two Little Pigs Charcuterie & Grind The main purpose… Continue reading Pigging Out at Brunswick

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Brunching in Balaclava

Two things – firstly, it was an overdue appointment with Daimz and Ms HH who had promised to bring me to 1 of their favourite brunch haunts, and secondly, it was a first-time collaboration with Noel whose photography skills I very much admire. So for once, I didn’t have to put on my thinking cap of where to… Continue reading Brunching in Balaclava

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Breakfast Thieves / Babka

We seem to be getting into a comfortable groove for our brunch ventures – source a good place out during the week, round up the usual brunch partners, get to the cafe by 11ish, get caffeinated and fed, look for something sweet after, and then head off for our church youth group. Seems to be… Continue reading Breakfast Thieves / Babka

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A Day at Melbourne Uni

No, this is not about a day in the life of a uni student – my student days are long gone! – or a virtual tour of the campus. But going by the theme of this blog, you should guess that this has something to do with food right? 😉 Yup, Melbourne Uni has some… Continue reading A Day at Melbourne Uni

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Proud Mary / Chez Dré

The title says it all: we got up to our usual brunch mischief one fine Saturday morning, and finished it off with a sweet treat, hitting up 2 spots at once! So let’s get into the details shall we? At our last brunch, we were discussing our favourite brunch spots and ‘Proud Mary‘ came up.… Continue reading Proud Mary / Chez Dré