My Paris Story, Part 1

The recent saddening news of the terror attacks in Paris has not only jolted us into remembering the fragile state of peace in this world, it has also reignited the Paris Disease among many. After all, Paris is a place that many imprint their ideals of love and luxury living (hence the Paris Disease). And the terror attacks have… Continue reading My Paris Story, Part 1

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Le Baratin, Paris

Imagine this – it’s cold, wintry, wet and you’re roaming round the streets of Paris. Paris looking a little gloomy It’s supposed to be romantic and charming, as what people say about Paris. But you’re not really getting into the mood when your fingers and toes are freezing and you are feeling kind of lost… Continue reading Le Baratin, Paris

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Finding My Next Meal

Hello hello! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I have been leaving you all hanging for awhile so I guess it’s time for some updates… i.e. where I’ve been finding my meals since my last post and where I’m going to find my next meal!  Since Dec 2014, I bade farewell to my home for the… Continue reading Finding My Next Meal

Dining Review · France

Le Côté Délicieux de France

Being fans of the French cuisine and knowing that we were entering the country with the most number of Michelin star restaurants, Ms Gan and I started off our French leg with much anticipation. I was all ready for an exciting gastronomic experience, and was all out to discover le côté délicieux de France, or the delicious… Continue reading Le Côté Délicieux de France


South of France Continued: The French Riveria

So from the rolling greens and lavender fields, we moved on from the hilly areas and travelled into the coastal region of the South of France. From there, we experienced a change in temperatures and landscapes; from a windy and cool climate to a hot and humid environment, and from countryside views to pebbled beaches and azure blue waters.… Continue reading South of France Continued: The French Riveria


South of France: Carcassonne & Provence

After 4 days in bustling Barcelona, things seemed to slow down a little as we arrived in the South of France, which was well away from the urban areas. I was kind of glad we did that instead of doing the conventional route of visiting Paris. I just found it nice to go where the… Continue reading South of France: Carcassonne & Provence