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Breakfast Thieves / Babka

We seem to be getting into a comfortable groove for our brunch ventures – source a good place out during the week, round up the usual brunch partners, get to the cafe by 11ish, get caffeinated and fed, look for something sweet after, and then head off for our church youth group. Seems to be… Continue reading Breakfast Thieves / Babka

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Melbourne is just full of surprises in its culinary scene, and I reckon Epocha is one of its latest triumphs. Having read the news of Epocha being awarded a One Hat rating by The Age Good Food Guide, and going by the recent wave of online reviews, I decided to go ahead with this restaurant for an evening… Continue reading Epocha

Dining Review · Melbourne · Sweet Treats

A Day at Melbourne Uni

No, this is not about a day in the life of a uni student – my student days are long gone! – or a virtual tour of the campus. But going by the theme of this blog, you should guess that this has something to do with food right? 😉 Yup, Melbourne Uni has some… Continue reading A Day at Melbourne Uni

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Plantation Coffee / STREAT

Commuters at Melbourne Central train station have got it going good – it is the one-stop for all train lines (duh), Coles is just next to it for convenient grocery-shopping, there are many food stalls to grab food on the go from… ….And as for coffee options, there are even a couple of options for… Continue reading Plantation Coffee / STREAT

Cooking Adventures

Homemade Marinara

Once in awhile, we all have to do that fridge stock-check, don’t we? And to our horror, we would discover some food forgotten in the icy depths of our home fridge. I’m usually quite conscious of what I put in my fridge (i.e. I only buy ingredients that I’m quite sure that will be cooked soon) but I guess… Continue reading Homemade Marinara

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More Cheap Eats!

You know there are just some places that you don’t even need to think twice before going in? Simply because they are conveniently-located, okay-tasting and cheap? Yup, you may notice from my blog that I’ve quite a few of these places on my list – while I do appreciate the occasional fancy meal, I’m actually… Continue reading More Cheap Eats!

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Proud Mary / Chez Dré

The title says it all: we got up to our usual brunch mischief one fine Saturday morning, and finished it off with a sweet treat, hitting up 2 spots at once! So let’s get into the details shall we? At our last brunch, we were discussing our favourite brunch spots and ‘Proud Mary‘ came up.… Continue reading Proud Mary / Chez Dré

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That Night at Collingwood

It was 1 of the last nights for a brother in Melbourne so a farewell dinner was in order. He requested for Modern Australian cuisine and we thought bringing him to Collingwood would just do the trick, with its fair share of Modern Aussie restaurants and the chance to bring him to a more ghetto side of Melbourne.… Continue reading That Night at Collingwood