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Taking the Visitors Out

It’s a head-scratching situation that most of us are familiar with – when visitors come, where should you take them out to eat? Whether you are in Melbourne or elsewhere, you would always want the visitors to sample the best of the local delights, and at the same time, be able to tour around the… Continue reading Taking the Visitors Out

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Feeding the Brunch Crowd

Large parties do not seem to be encouraged very much in the culture of Melbourne brunching – most of the cafe seating are dedicated to 2 people with (usually) only 1 communal table, and the long waiting lines on Saturday mornings do not seem very friendly for parties of more than 2. But so far, we… Continue reading Feeding the Brunch Crowd

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The Birthday Dinner

So yes, the reason why I’m called ‘April’ is because I was born in the month of April. And I’m quite thankful for that because if I wasn’t called April… 1) I would have never been associated with April O’Neil of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… haha if only my life is that exciting!  2) I might… Continue reading The Birthday Dinner

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The One Where Lamb Made It to the Table

Ever since I’ve lived in Melbourne, I’ve come to appreciate, among many other things, lamb. Lamb is not that readily available in Singapore so before Melbourne, I’ve never actually tasted lamb and the closest thing that I’ve tasted is mutton. And I can’t say that I’m a big fan of mutton because of the heavy… Continue reading The One Where Lamb Made It to the Table

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City Comfort Eats

It can be an expensive affair eating out in Melbourne, but on those days that you’re really flat out to cook after a hard day’s at work, do you have a regular go-to place for that quick no-fuss but comforting meal? I’m sure all of us have those places in mind, and these are what… Continue reading City Comfort Eats