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Clayton Eats

Clayton is one lively suburb – it has its share of supermarkets, Asian grocery shops, discount shops, fresh food shops and restaurants. And that I find makes it very liveable, especially for the student community that attend the nearby Monash Uni. Lately, we have been frequenting there and it’s not just because of the food, but… Continue reading Clayton Eats

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A Taste of Home

Despite living in a city that is a melting pot of cultures, I still find my local cuisine a little under-represented in Melbourne. I guess it can’t be helped that with my home country being a tiny red dot on the global map, it is inevitable that it is often being overshadowed by bigger Asian countries on… Continue reading A Taste of Home

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City Comfort Eats

It can be an expensive affair eating out in Melbourne, but on those days that you’re really flat out to cook after a hard day’s at work, do you have a regular go-to place for that quick no-fuss but comforting meal? I’m sure all of us have those places in mind, and these are what… Continue reading City Comfort Eats

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An Amoy Street Breakfast

In a densely populated place like Singapore, is it possible to find a quiet place of solace in some part of the island? To escape from the sea of people and tide of activities in the city and enjoy a quiet local meal to yourself? I must admit, every time I touch down in Singapore,… Continue reading An Amoy Street Breakfast