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Housesitting at Ms NO’s

How does the idea¬†of cooking in someone else’s kitchen sit with you? Does that excite you, knowing that you have the opportunity to play around in a new environment and fiddle with someone else’s gadgets or does that make you nervous, as you step outside of your own comfort zone and navigate your way through… Continue reading Housesitting at Ms NO’s

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The Sweet Side of Melbourne

Some people don’t really have much of a sweet tooth but for others, including myself, there’s usually a separate stomach for dessert ūüėõ Hey, after all, we are given a tongue for 4 different tastes¬†so I don’t see why we can’t activate the sweet taste buds after having the main course… So for that, this… Continue reading The Sweet Side of Melbourne

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A Summer Night In

This was back¬†towards the end of¬†summer, when the days were still warm¬†and I still had a stash of pippis in my freezer from our last pippi-picking¬†outing at Venus Bay (don’t judge, I’ve a pretty powerful freezer!). So feeling the urgency to use those pippis before the summer was over, I invited some of the girls… Continue reading A Summer Night In

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Unlike most people, I’m not quite sure why I’ve not quite warmed up to the Japanese cuisine. After all, it prides itself on the freshness of ingredients, the delicate balance of flavours, the impeccable food presentation and the healthy wholesomeness of its food. So what’s there not to love? Oh well, maybe sometimes I find… Continue reading Chiba

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Housewarming at Indira’s

I don’t know about you but I seriously have some talented friends in the kitchen. And if the average Jane like me can be surrounded by some budding chefs and bakers, there is little to wonder why shows like My Kitchen Rules & Masterchef seem to have no short of contestants. And I won’t be… Continue reading Housewarming at Indira’s

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The Bright Getaway

When the weather grows weepy and dreary, when the chilly winds start to pick up and when night starts to fall quicker, you know that Fall has arrived. I still cannot quite figure out which is my favourite season – every season has its own ugly head and beauty at the same time. Every season… Continue reading The Bright Getaway

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More City Eats

Just like how the Melbourne city is full of alleys waiting to be discovered, so are the food places that are lying in either these hidden alleys or just about every nook and cranny of the city area. Here are a few places that I’ve discovered in the Melbourne city recently – some are good… Continue reading More City Eats