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Cutler & Co.

Masterchef Australia viewers are no strangers to Andrew McConnell and local foodies would be familiar with his restaurants in Melbourne. Despite the hype around him and his restaurants, I have not really considered his restaurants, after reading mixed reviews and seeing the menu prices online – it all sounded a little risky! But then it happened that Ade finally made… Continue reading Cutler & Co.

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Melbourne is just full of surprises in its culinary scene, and I reckon Epocha is one of its latest triumphs. Having read the news of Epocha being awarded a One Hat rating by The Age Good Food Guide, and going by the recent wave of online reviews, I decided to go ahead with this restaurant for an evening… Continue reading Epocha

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That Night at Collingwood

It was 1 of the last nights for a brother in Melbourne so a farewell dinner was in order. He requested for Modern Australian cuisine and we thought bringing him to Collingwood would just do the trick, with its fair share of Modern Aussie restaurants and the chance to bring him to a more ghetto side of Melbourne.… Continue reading That Night at Collingwood

Dining Review · Melbourne · Modern Australian

Hare & Grace

One of the nice things about living abroad is that when friends or family from your home country visit, it is an excuse to meet up and bring them around. And it’s especially nice when these are people you won’t meet or even talk to very often when you’re in the home country itself. Speaking as… Continue reading Hare & Grace

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Nieuw Amsterdam

There’s a hot new kid on the block and his name is ‘Nieuw Amsterdam‘. That’s right, he’s so cool that he ain’t just ‘new’, but ‘nieuw’ yo. After a holiday, there is always that dreaded but necessary need to adjust back to the routines of life. As you can probably relate, the first day back… Continue reading Nieuw Amsterdam

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Fat Bob’s

Don’t you have those days when you just crave for some grease in your system? Just thinking about that burger dripping with oil and meat juices. And with that slice of melty cheese to add on more grease. Oh and throw in a few salad leaves to make yourself feel a little better and dress… Continue reading Fat Bob’s

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Casual Eats at Collingwood

What comes to your mind when you hear of Collingwood? A dirty suburb lined with old buildings with peeling paint and tasteless graffiti stricken all over the walls, with dodgy-looking people walking around… Or do you think of a cool suburb lined with vintage buildings and artistic graffiti to give that hippie feel, with interesting-looking… Continue reading Casual Eats at Collingwood

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The Town Mouse

If I were to sum up the experience at The Town Mouse, I would called it an underrated overdrive of the tastebuds. Haha, does that sound like a mouthful? Well read further and I’ll explain! I thought of this place when my high school friends suggested to meet up for 1 last dinner before one of… Continue reading The Town Mouse