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Comfort Lunches for $10

It’s always nice to have a meal out over the weekend, and I guess even in cafe-friendly Melbourne, there are times when we tire of cafe food. And there would be just times that we desire something a little more wallet-friendly and a little less fancy but hitting the spot at the same time. Otherwise… Continue reading Comfort Lunches for $10

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Unlike most people, I’m not quite sure why I’ve not quite warmed up to the Japanese cuisine. After all, it prides itself on the freshness of ingredients, the delicate balance of flavours, the impeccable food presentation and the healthy wholesomeness of its food. So what’s there not to love? Oh well, maybe sometimes I find… Continue reading Chiba

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More City Eats

Just like how the Melbourne city is full of alleys waiting to be discovered, so are the food places that are lying in either these hidden alleys or just about every nook and cranny of the city area. Here are a few places that I’ve discovered in the Melbourne city recently – some are good… Continue reading More City Eats

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City Comfort Eats

It can be an expensive affair eating out in Melbourne, but on those days that you’re really flat out to cook after a hard day’s at work, do you have a regular go-to place for that quick no-fuss but comforting meal? I’m sure all of us have those places in mind, and these are what… Continue reading City Comfort Eats

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A Summer’s Day in Geelong

Public holidays in Melbourne are indeed quite precious – there are too little of them and they are all concentrated in the 1st half of the year. I guess it’s the trade-off for our 38-hour work week but when a public holiday comes along, it does seem like a bonus because it doesn’t happen often… Continue reading A Summer’s Day in Geelong