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Of Truffle Fries, Waffles & Coffee

Can anything be more overdone than these 3 food items in Singapore? Visit any cafe or casual restaurant and you’re sure to find at least 1 of these on the menu.

Haha I guess it’s the Singaporean culture – 1 thing works out and the rest follow suit…

So you can guess I’ve had my fair share of truffling, waffling and coffeeing around Singapore since I got back (gosh, can’t believe it’s nearly been a year already!). And I have to say, sadly, there have been more misses than hits.

BUT. Fortunately, there were some dishes that have made an impression (yay!). So here are a few of these gems!

#01-10, 991B Alexandra Rd, S’pore 119970

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Guess what’s the main deal at Portico?

My friends, you cannot call yourself a truffle fries fan until you have tried the one at Portico – just look at the sheer size of it!

These are what truffle dreams are made of – those crunchy stringy fries with truffle salt, truffle shavings and gruyere cheese. You definitely can’t get ’em fries more truffley than that!

They also throw in a few edible gold leaves for that ohhh-&-ahhh element. (But oh well, just to let you know, they are kinda tasteless.. haha.)

The 1 & only Ultimate Truffle Fries (yes, that's what it's called) - 800g of truffle goodness
The 1 & only Ultimate Truffle Fries (yes, that’s what it’s called) – 800g of truffle goodness

This 1 is definitely for sharing and not for that faint-hearted – even with 5 truffle fans around the table, we struggled to finish this. We probably made the mistake of ordering our own mains.

My advice? Order a few small sides (depending on the number of people) and just zoom in on the Ultimate Truffle Fries. Unfortunately, the other dishes were not as outstanding and I’ll probably return just for the fries.

So yes, if you’re looking for the Ultimate Truffle Fries Experience, you know where to go!

Strangers’ Reunion
35 Kampong Bahru Rd, S’pore 169356

It's been too long since I had a Melbourne-ish type of brunch
Baked Eggs & Coffee – it’s been too long since I had a Melbourne-ish type of brunch

Strangers’ Reunion is definitely no stranger to the Singapore cafe scene but heck, late as I am to the scene, it made an impression on me so I shall very well give it a mention here!

Okay so what did I like about Strangers? Why don’t we start with the coffee

2 Flat Whites
2 Flat Whites

I was pleased to see ‘magic’ being offered on the menu (don’t get to see many cafes here having that) but as I wasn’t up for a strong cup that day, I settled for a Flat White.

And I was pleased as punch with my cuppa – smooth and strong without that acidity. Yay!

And while I did have high expectations of the coffee (I guess the bar is set when you hear that the cafe is open by a champion barista), little did I expect the foodfare to hit the right notes too…

Baked Eggs with goat's cheese, dukkah & toast
Baked Eggs with goat’s cheese, dukkah & toast

I have to say, this dish did bring me back to Melbourne. It reminded me those good ol’ baked eggs at Breakfast Thieves and Bluebird Espresso.

Presentation-wise, I would say that was lacking a little but the flavours in the dish were all good. The goat’s cheese was not overpowering but lent that salty creamy taste to the dish and the dukkah gave that right amount of herbs and spices. There was also crunchy almond bits from the dukkah which I enjoyed together with the gooey eggs.

And the last thing to sweeten the deal… waffles!

Buttermilk waffles with vanilla bean ice cream, caramelised bananas, milo powder & milo sauce
Buttermilk waffles with vanilla bean ice cream, caramelised bananas, milo powder & milo sauce

I was actually looking forward to their matcha waffles and was disappointed to hear that they were not being offered that day. So upon the cafe staff’s recommendation, we went for this which was supposedly a new feature on the menu.

Wow did they put a good spin on the classic chocolate-and-banana combination! I initially thought that this would be a milo overkill but surprisingly, there was a good balance of chocolate and milo flavours that went really well with the bananas.

The waffle was top-notch too – buttery, fluffy and crunchy at the edges. Noice!

So really, I couldn’t quite fault anything with my experience at Strangers’. What I had that day was enough to win me over and I reckon their popularity is well-deserved!

136 Telok Ayer St, S’pore 068601

L-R: Latte, Cortardo, Piccolo
L-R: Latte, Cortardo, Piccolo

And to round off this post, another spot for a good hit of coffee!

We had brunch at another place (post to come soon hopefully) so we came here just for a caffeine hit (although I can see that they offer brunch too).

For some reason, we were in the mood for different types of coffee so that gave us the opportunity to sample each other’s drink (haha that’s what coffee buds are for).

I was most interested in the Cortardo as I’ve not had that before. And well, to me, it tasted like a more intense version of a cappuccino.

The Piccolo actually tasted stronger to me, although it was supposed to be a ristretto shot as opposed to the espresso shot in the Cortardo. I guess it could be due to the lesser amount of milk.

Overall, the coffees were robust and smooth, but I found the taste at the end a little too bitter for my liking. But anyway, if you ask me, there was sufficient kick in those coffees and that would satisfy a coffee craving for sure!


With the trend of truffle fries, waffles and coffees still going strong here, I doubt this would be the last that I’m posting on them. (Although I do hope to find other places with more unique offerings!)

In the meantime, I reckon these places have got it all right for those food items. So if you’re looking for the place for truffle fries, waffles and coffee, why not give these places a go!


2 thoughts on “Of Truffle Fries, Waffles & Coffee

    1. Yes, I’m sure there are alot more options now than back in 2011! But quality-wise, I guess we still have some way to go.
      That plate actually costs $45++ so it’s really meant for truffle lovers!


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