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5 Things I Miss about Melbourne Summers

December has always been my favourite month as it meant a few special events. Christmas. Holidays. The end of a year and a time of reflection. The beginning of summer. How I relish those Aussie summers. For the first time in 9 years, I’m spending December away from Melbourne and as you can guess, I’m missing… Continue reading 5 Things I Miss about Melbourne Summers

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The Bright Getaway

When the weather grows weepy and dreary, when the chilly winds start to pick up and when night starts to fall quicker, you know that Fall has arrived. I still cannot quite figure out which is my favourite season – every season has its own ugly head and beauty at the same time. Every season… Continue reading The Bright Getaway

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A Summer’s Day in Geelong

Public holidays in Melbourne are indeed quite precious – there are too little of them and they are all concentrated in the 1st half of the year. I guess it’s the trade-off for our 38-hour work week but when a public holiday comes along, it does seem like a bonus because it doesn’t happen often… Continue reading A Summer’s Day in Geelong