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Waffling Around in SG

Wonder where to get a good waffle in Singapore?

Well, ever since I’ve returned, I’ve been introduced to 3 waffles places so it seems that waffles are the ‘in’ thing. The competition is hot like a waffle iron indeed! (hurhur)

So let’s not waffle around and get down to these 3 places that I’ve checked out!

Seriously Ice Cream
Blk 4 Everton Park #01-44, Singapore

How I got to this place was by accident. I was actually having coffee with 3 other friends at Nylon Coffee Roasters

It all started out with coffee...
It all started out with coffee at Nylon…

…when we stumbled upon Seriously Ice Cream. It looked interesting so we decided to give it a go for dessert!

Mmm the smell of fresh waffles cooking was so good!
Plus, they were having a special of half-priced waffles so why not?

As you can see, we added 2 scoops of ice cream to our waffle. To our delight, we were allowed to have free samples before choosing. Seriously Ice Cream has some really unique local flavours and at that time, there were pineapple tart, pulut hitam and even a mystery flavour!

We were told that if we could figure out the ingredients of the mystery flavour, we would get that scoop free. We were given 3 tries but alas, we couldn’t guess the last ingredient. It had a pleasant cheesy taste and we got that with our waffle!

Although I found the waffle a little too crunchy, it was a decent waffle and we all enjoyed it. And with 2 scoops of ice cream, it was definitely a good idea to share the dish between the 4 of us!

Everton Park is a bustling area of cafes and has become a go-to place to hang out with friends. So if you are in the area looking for something sweet after a caffeine boost, you can give Seriously Ice Cream a go!

Sunday Folks
Chip Bee Gardens #01-52
44 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore

This was a place that got on my radar even when I was still in Melbourne, thanks to their Instagrammable waffles.

Photo credit: Ms JQ
Photo credit: Ms JQ

So upon my return, this was high on my go-to places!

And did it disappoint?

Single slice waffle with Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream, and Nama Green Tea toppings
Single slice waffle with Earl Grey Lavender ice cream, & Nama Green Tea toppings

Well, aesthetically, it certainly didn’t! (Although I must say that the ice cream swirls look alot nicer for the double slice waffles, as shown on the Instagram shot).

Taste-wise, the waffle was good – sweet, crisp but still having some doughiness. There was also an oreo-like biscuit under the ice cream which was quite sweet.

But I thought the star of the dish was the Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream – true to its name, I could taste the earl grey with subtle bitter notes and very delicate floral notes (which is good because if the lavender taste was any stronger, it might taste like soap! ala our N2 Extreme Gelato experience).

I added the Nama Green Tea toppings as an afterthought and I was glad I did. Basically they are cubes of matcha powder that melt in your mouth. The bitterness of the matcha certainly balanced out the sweetness of the dish!

And yes, I may have liked this place enough to come back a 2nd time… hehe.

Single slice waffle with Pistachio ice cream
Single slice waffle with Pistachio ice cream

The Pistachio ice cream was good but I was more impressed by the Earl Grey Lavender – I found that flavour more unique.

It is a small touch but I appreciated the scattering of fresh fruit round the plate. It not only added to the vibrancy of colours but also that fresh edge to an otherwise rich dessert.

I guess the only thing that didn’t win me over was the drizzling of honey around the plate. I thought the dish was sweet enough and the honey might be an overkill for some who don’t have a big sweet tooth.

So be warned, the ice cream waffles will get you on a sugar high so I highly recommend sharing. This place is also really popular so be prepared to wait!

21 Lorong Kilat, Singapore

Revelry‘ was a buzzword on a few of my friends’ lips so finally, I managed to settle on a dinner date with a couple of them at this place.

The decor was impressive from the outlook; come to think of it, I’ve not come across a cafe with a circus theme before!

Love how the circus theme extends to the coffee art!
Love how the circus theme extends to the coffee art!

I didn’t order one myself but stole a sip of the coffees. I found the Flat White smooth and robust, decidedly one of the better coffees I’ve had in Singapore. The company I was with found the coffee comparable to Melbourne’s so that says something about the coffee quality!

Before arriving, I read up some reviews on Revelry and found their Chicken & Waffles dish was pretty popular so we ordered just that.

Chicken & Waffles, with lettuce n some maple syrup to drizzle over
Chicken & Waffles, with some fresh veggies n some maple syrup to drizzle over

Wow, those reviews got it right. The balance of flavours and textures were all there – the fried chicken had a good crisp and was tender on the inside, while the saltiness of the chicken went perfectly with the sweet maple syrup, with the fresh salad to finish off.

And. the. waffle. I have to admit that out of the 3 places, Revelry served up the best waffles. While the waffles at the other 2 places tended to be on the sweet side, Revelry’s waffles were really buttery, making them more savoury-like which suited me just fine. The waffles also had a wonderful fluffy texture inside with a crunchy edge. Mmm.

OK Waffle Pizza – Otah & chopped kailan greens covered in melted mozzarella

We got this as it was the next most popular savoury item on the menu. Overall, the OK waffle was okay (hurhur) but I wasn’t sure if I was a big fan of the combination. I found it a little too adventurous to pair up such Asian ingredients with waffles and cheese. I guess to my subconscious, Asian sides should always go with rice!

However, my friends enjoyed the uniqueness of this dish so no harm giving this a go. I just know which savoury waffle dish I prefer!

Now, you may think that I found Revelry’s waffles different because I got savoury items instead of sweets (as I’ve ordered at the previous 2 places). So let’s see the true result of the waffle tasting with this dessert…

Monkey King - with chunks of banana bread, banana, walnuts & the side of maple syrup
Monkey King – with chunks of banana bread, caramelised banana, walnuts, side of maple syrup & a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Well, I’m pleased to say that even as a dessert, that buttery taste and fluffiness of the waffles were not lost. So yes, Revelry’s waffles trumps it for me!

As for the dessert itself, one of my friends commented that it tasted like the Post Cereal Banana Nut Crunch and it certainly seemed like it!

Overall, I thought the dessert was fine but a little too sweet. The maple syrup didn’t seem necessary to me. It might have been better to drizzle some chocolate sauce because… Bananas. Chocolate. They simply go hand in hand. And the bitterness of chocolate could help counter the sweetness of the dish.

If only there could be the pairing of Revelry’s waffles with Sunday Folks’ ice cream… that would be the perfect dessert!

Now you know when is a good time to check out Revelry!
Now you know when is a good time to check out Revelry!


And that settles the 3 waffles places I’ve visited so far. All 3 have given reason as to why the waffle competition in Singapore is so hot. But you can probably figure out by now where I thought housed the better savoury and sweet waffles…

…So if you’re craving for waffles and are still thinking of where to go, waffle around no more and check these places out! 😉

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