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Brother Baba Budan vs. Market Lane Coffee

Where’s your favourite coffee haunt in the city? Well, as far as I know, when I ask people to name the best coffee place in the city, these 2 names tend to pop up in the conversation.

So Brother Baba Budan or Market Lane Coffee – which one would be my choice of poison in the city? Let’s find out!

Brother Baba Budan


This cafe lies in the heart of the CBD area which makes it a central place for coffee pick-ups for the working crowd and tourists.


You can’t really miss it with its characteristic chairs hanging from the ceiling, giving off a really artistic feel. I guess this helps to add to the hippie vibe.

When Andrew and I got there, it was absolutely packed. So we decided to order takeaway coffees.

Blends of the day

We waited for about 10minutes for our coffees and by that time, the crowd inside the cafe has cleared a little. So we decided to have a sit down to properly enjoy our coffees.

Latte – $4. Would have preferred some coffee art but oh well! 

Verdict? Well, the coffee was all right and had a slight nuttiness, but there was a sourish aftertaste that I wasn’t a fan of. I’ve tried the Seven Seeds blend before but so far, I’ve yet to warm up to it.

But I know of others who like the blend so I guess it’s just my personal preference. Anyway, the popularity of this cafe is undeniable so it’s best to get in early or be prepared to get takeaway!

Brother Baba Budan on Urbanspoon

Market Lane Coffee


This cafe is situated in Queen Victoria Market, making it a good perk-me-up for those who make it down to the market for some grocery-shopping!


The setting of the cafe is minimal and sleek, making it quite a contrast to the cluttered feel at Brother Baba Budan.


I’ve been to this cafe a few times now and the busyness of the cafe can vary – it can be really crowded during the market hours but when I got there once at 9am, it was pretty empty. Overall, the feel here is a lot more relaxed as opposed to the more upbeat momentum in the CBD area.

Latte – $4. Love it that they do coffee art even for takeaways!

Okay, more importantly, how was the coffee? The blends at Market Lane change quite frequently so that makes it quite an interesting place to check out. I do prefer some blends more than others but overall, I would say that you are almost guaranteed a good cup every time you are there – full-bodied and smooth.

Market Lane Cafe on Urbanspoon

So I guess Market Lane would be my favourite of the 2 as I much prefer the blends at this cafe and the texture is usually smooth. However, both places do take their coffee-making seriously and I reckon you wouldn’t lose out checking out either one of them anyway, whether you are wandering in the heart of the city or doing your grocery shopping at the market!

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