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Red Spice Road

While I’ve expressed previously that I’m not a huge fan of Modern Asian cuisine, I’ve always counted Red Spice Road as an old favourite for a few reasons:

1. The Express Banquet is under $30 and the portions given are generous, giving you much bang for your buck.

2. The spacious setting creates a nice ambience for conversation over food.

3. That famous caramelised pork belly. Mmmm.


So when Ms LT an old high school friend was meeting us (Ms TY, Ms YY and myself) in Melbourne, I suggested Red Spice Road as it had been awhile since I last went.


And yes, since we were going to meet up for an early dinner, we decided to go for the Express Banquet!

Soy & Ginger Chicken Wings

As the menu suggests, the food came out pretty quickly, like express service! The starter of chicken wings was moreish and had that slight hint of spice.

Braised Beef Cheek, Green Beans, Bok Choy, Star Anise, Ginger, Soy

The beef was really tender and I liked the addition of greens to cut through the fattiness of the beef. However, I thought the spices didn’t come through enough and I found the gravy quite salty.

Chicken, Gailan, Red Peppers, Ginger, Spring Onion

The chicken was stir-fried nicely as it retained its tenderness. There was a nice mixture of savouriness and sweetness in the gravy with bursts of freshness from the veggies and sprinkles of basil leaves. There was also that hint of spice.

So with that complexity of flavours of textures, I really enjoyed this dish!

Pork Belly, Apple Slaw, Chilli Caramel, Black Vinegar

Yes my friends, this is the one and only pork belly. Just as I remembered, the pork belly was crisp on the outside and inside was this succulent goodness of the fatty rich pork.


And of course, there was the sticky sweet sauce to cover the pork, with those fresh shreds of apple and lettuce to cut through the richness… yum!

So yup, the pork belly was and still is the star dish at Red Spice Road.

Even though, the Express Banquet is meant to be shared among the whole table, Red Spice Road does accommodate to dietary needs. As Ms YY doesn’t eat beef or pork, they kindly gave substitute dishes.

Green Curry for Ms YY

As for a substitute to the pork belly, they gave Ms YY a piece of fish with the same dressing as the pork belly. I thought that was really good that the restaurant catered to fit the special dietary needs of the diners!

Even though we were supposed to leave the table by 7pm, we were not chased out by the waiters when it struck 7pm so we stayed for awhile till 7.30pm. So overall, although it was meant to be an express meal, we didn’t feel rushed.

It was good that we didn’t get chased out of the restaurant – we had quite a lot to catch up on!

So with quick and good service, good food at a reasonable price, Red Spice Road’s Express Banquet remains on my list of recommended dining-out experiences in Melbourne. You just have to give that pork belly a go!

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One thought on “Red Spice Road

  1. Good photos! I reckon it’s not easy to take it in restaurants where the light can be tricky at times. The food looks so fresh and inviting.


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