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Pigging Out at Brunswick

Judging from the hits for the last post, I think a number of you enjoyed looking through Noel’s photos so here’s another collaboration post!

As the title suggests, this time round, we hit up Brunswick, a hippy suburb known for their vintage shops and cool cafes.

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie & Grind


The main purpose of hitting up Brunswick was to PIG out at this cafe (hehe), which has created quite a wave in the Melbourne foodie scene.


From the outset, Two Little Pigs appeared to be a more modern and refreshing addition to the grungy Brunswick, with its cool white walls and lighting.

The cafe may also seem small, but for our group of 6, we were shown to the backyard, where there was ample seating!


Just by the name of the cafe itself, we were looking forward to some serious pork!

But of course, some coffees to perk us up first…

Chai Latte, Latte, Long Macchiato & Magic – $3.80 each

The coffee was smooth and palatable, with hints of hazelnut and caramel finish.

I guess with a name like that, they should serve up a good charcuterie plate right? So we ordered one to share.

A smattering of pork terrine, pate, jamon, chorizo, black pudding, olives, pickles, toast etc. – $19.50

It looks impressive right? The selection of meats was pretty wide!


We were also told that the sausages were all made in-house which I guess gives Two Little Pigs a unique edge over the other cafes. Overall, this platter was a good portion for the 6 of us but we can’t say we enjoyed all the meats presented – I’m personally not a fan of pate and black pudding which explains why I couldn’t appreciate it that much. I also didn’t quite like the olives but others didn’t mind them. Generally, we liked the terrine, jamon and chorizo 🙂

Pork Belly Salad (haha the name of the dish sounded like an oxymoron but you’d understand once you see the dish!) – $16.90

I have to say that Mr JC has a knack of ordering the right dish and causing us to get dish envy. I mean just LOOK at those pieces of deep crisp pork belly AND roast pumpkin. What a dish! I also liked how they added the side of fresh salad to lighten up the dish.

Pea & Ham – $16.90

Andrew and I both went for the more widely-reviewed dish. When the dish was first placed on the table, I have to say that I wasn’t quite impressed by the pale-looking pork skin – it didn’t look like it had much crackle in it!


But upon digging in, I was well-assured that the crackle was crisp enough – woo! I was quite happy with the entire dish. I thought the pea veloute was not overly creamy and was delicious enough to be mopped up with the toast.

The pork, appearances aside, was also done salty enough to my liking. Andrew, however, had a different opinion from me – I guess his standards are much higher!

Two Little Pigs (aka The Big Breakfast) – $19.50

Ms EH, Ms JT and Noel ordered this, with the 2 girls sharing and the big boy having 1 plate to himself.

The unfortunate thing was, while the 2 girls had no issues with their dish, Noel found a strand of hair in his (yikes!). He told the wait staff and they apologetically took it away and awhile later, they brought out a new dish from the kitchen.

However, 3/4 through this ‘new’ dish, Noel found another strand of hair! That kind of ruined his appetite but because he was almost done with the dish, he decided not to notify the wait staff.

As the other dishes turned out fine, I’m pretty sure that incident was an isolated one but unfortunately, that kind of marred the entire experience and Andrew said he wasn’t sure he would return to Two Little Pigs.


As for me, I guess Two Little Pigs just need a little more tweaking in making themselves a more top-notch cafe (Andrew did comment about the salt & pepper shakers and I guess the kitchen needs to be a little more careful to prevent Noel’s dish incident from happening again!).


I do think Two Little Pigs has the makings of a great cafe – friendly and attentive service, good coffee and unique offerings on the menu. The menu also changes seasonally so I wouldn’t mind returning, to get more of that pork!

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind on Urbanspoon

As Ms EH goes to uni nearby, she became our pseudo tour guide for the day, pointing out the vintage shops to us and then bringing us to this neat little cafe…

Green Refectory


Upon stepping in, you get a sense that Green Refactory is quite an established resident in Brunswick, with its red bricked walls, old-school wall decorations and antique-like furniture, fitting right into this vintage neighbourhood.

A place to chill over coffee & cake

The rest ordered hot drinks while I decided to go for a muffin – I mean, how good do they look on display!


The place was pretty crowded and it was a tight squeeze for us as we sat at 2 little tables but no matter, it added to the homely ambience. Heh.

And with the drizzle outside, it made things more cosy as we chatted over our drinks and muffin (I was nice and shared it!).

Noel’s Hot Choc ($3.50) which probably soothed his palate after that unfortunate incident earlier at brunch!

Andrew’s Long Mac ($3.50 maybe?) – he was particularly impressed by the distinct layers in his cup. It was passable by his standards!

My Strawberry & Pear Muffin – $3

I was quite happy with my muffin – it had a good fluffy texture, was nice and buttery, and the balance of sweetness was just right. I also enjoyed the fruit inside – I might have just become a fan of baked pear!

Cosy fellowship around the table

Ms EH has definitely introduced us to 1 very good cafe in Brunswick. The prices were reasonable, the baked goods looked delectable, drinks were all right and the ambience just makes you feel at home. A lovely cafe to chill in!

Green Refectory on Urbanspoon

And that was day out at Brunswick, where we did some pigging out, checked out some interesting shops and had some good fellowship 🙂


So what do you think of the photos this time round? Again, I thought Noel nailed it with capturing the mood and essence of the 2 places we went that day. I should just hire him as my blog photographer eh? 😛

Haha anyway, I’m not sure if we’ll do another collaboration so if you want to see more of his photography, do check out his website. And feel free to contact him for some freelance photography opportunities!

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