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Clayton Eats

Clayton is one lively suburb – it has its share of supermarkets, Asian grocery shops, discount shops, fresh food shops and restaurants. And that I find makes it very liveable, especially for the student community that attend the nearby Monash Uni.

Lately, we have been frequenting there and it’s not just because of the food, but because of something else… which I will reveal later!

So here I present some of our favourite eats in Clayton.

Dapur Indo 

This place serves up Indonesian food at reasonable prices, around the $10 mark for each dish.

They have ready-made food so you can choose to have Nasi Padang if you are too hungry to wait for the cooked dishes
They have ready-made food so you can have Nasi Padang if you’re too hungry to wait for the dishes that have to be cooked

But more importantly, the food here is pretty authentic! How do we know? Well, our Mr JC is Indonesian so if he says so, we’ll take his word for it!

Some dish that Mr JC got one time... the potato fries were yum! They were sweet and savoury
Some dish that Mr JC got… the potato fries were yum! They were sweet and savoury
Ayam Penyet
Ayam Penyet

This place serves up a pretty good Ayam Penyet and I get this almost every time – the chicken is fried to a good crisp and the chilli has the right amount of spice, yum! They even give a bowl of soup at the side and it usually has some veggies in it.

The restaurant is pretty small so during the peak hours, you may have trouble getting seats. A lot of people do come in to get takeaways. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good and cheap Indonesian eat around the area, this is the place to go!

(p.s. There is a pretty good bakery just next to the shop – so feel free to get your share of freshly baked bread or cakes after your meal at Dapur Indo!)

Dapur Indo on Urbanspoon


If you feel like having Korean, this would be our favourite Korean restaurant in this suburb.

Condiments - I don't think it's very Korean actually but I love those honeyed potatoes!
Condiments – I don’t think it’s very Korean actually but I love those honeyed potatoes! (pssst if you look carefully, there’s a bag of sesame breadcrumbs in the background – it only costs $3 from the bakery next to Dapur Indo. It’s baked to a crisp and has that beautiful crunch, delicious!)

We are fans of quite a few dishes at this place and even our pastor’s wife, who is Korean likes this place. So another stamp of approval for the authenticity of the food!

Spicy Fried Chicken (Medium plate) - $24
Spicy Fried Chicken (Medium plate) – $24

This is 1 dish that we always order to share around the table. I’m always up for Korean Fried Chicken but this version at Korchi’s wins it hands down for me. Someone mentioned that this dish reminds him of Sweet & Sour Pork and I guess you can say that, just that it’s chicken and spicy!

Champong (Korean spicy seafood noodle soup) - $12
Champong (Korean spicy seafood noodle soup) – $12

I’ve not found another place that has this so we come here whenever we have a craving for Champong. Let me tell you first, this bowl of noodles packs a spicy punch so get ready your tissues when you dig in! I can never stop myself from sweating and sniffling whenever I have this – oops.

There is a generous serving of ingredients and noodles so this bowl can easily be shared between 2 people.

Jjajangmyeon - $10
Jjajangmyeon – $10

If you want a non-spicy option, you should check out the Jjajangmyeon. It is a simple bowl of sweet black bean sauce with onions and noodles but I quite like this dish, with its simplicity and all.

We have tried some other Korean restaurants in the area but we find ourselves coming back to Korchi time and time again. If you’re looking for good Korean food in the area, you would know what I would recommend!

Korchi on Urbanspoon

Taste of Singapore


It’s pretty obvious what cuisine this place offers and so now, here is the question – as a Singaporean, do I find the food here authentic?

Lamb briyani

Chicken briyani

I usually order the briyani whenever I come here. In terms of the taste, the curry is quite decent but the rice is not as flavourful as I want it to be – nothing quite beats the briyani rice at Zam Zam!

Mee Soto

Mee Rebus with satay

These are the dishes that my other friends tried and they were quite happy with it. Andrew gave a pretty good review of the Mee Soto and I thought the Mee Rebus looked really tantalising with the satay on the side!

So my verdict on the authenticity of the food? To be really honest, I have yet to find a Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant here that is comparable to ones back home. I have previously reviewed some places that serves up decent Singaporean/Malaysian food but I guess the best cooks still remain in the homeland.

So while Taste of Singapore does bring me a little closer to home, I would say this is just a tiny taste of the huge and vibrant food scene back home!

Taste of Singapore @ Ida & Abas Kitchen on Urbanspoon

And the reason why we keep going back to Clayton (besides the food)?

The biggest Asian grocery supermarket I have come across in Melbourne!

Haha I guess some of you all would know this by now but recently, the Officeworks at Clayton has moved out to make way for this huge Asian grocery mart, or should I say, supermarket.

You are not allowed to take pictures inside but trust me, there is a wealth of Asian grocery goods inside there and there is a fresh meats section too! The prices inside are competitive as well so we always have a whale of a time getting our Asian grocery shopping fix in there, after a good meal at Clayton.


So yup, that’s my take on Clayton and again, 3 different types of cuisine you can check out in the area. And do remember to check out the supermarket too!

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