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A Day at Melbourne Uni

No, this is not about a day in the life of a uni student – my student days are long gone! – or a virtual tour of the campus. But going by the theme of this blog, you should guess that this has something to do with food right? 😉

Yup, Melbourne Uni has some pretty cool eateries and has expanded a lot since I have graduated. So whether you are a student or working around the Carlton area, maybe consider stepping away from the main food places and get onto the campus grounds, where there are some food places waiting for you…

And here, I present to you – A Day at Melbourne Uni, just for foodies!

House of Cards

Okay, we need to start off with our morning coffee right? So let’s start the tour by heading on down to this cute little coffee stand, just outside the Engineering building!

When I was in uni, this used to be called Kere Kere and they used to be dangerously located at the John Medley Building where I had most of my classes – oh, it was so hard to resist those coffee smells!

But now, they have shifted a few metres across and they have put in place a unique coffee order system – a card is given to you to mark your coffee order, hence the name of the coffee stand!

Regular latte - $3.60
Regular latte – $3.60

The coffee is still as good as the old days – smooth, easy on the palate with the slight nuttiness. There is a laid-back vibe around the stand too, so if you can afford the time, just take a seat at the pop-up tables and chairs, breathe in the morning fresh air, and do some people (student?)-watching as you sip your cuppa 🙂

House of Cards on Urbanspoon

Just a note though, House of Cards is quite a popular coffee stand so don’t be surprised to see a snaking queue early in the morning. They are quite efficient with their coffees but if you want another coffee option, you may want to head over to the Union House for this coffee place instead…

Standing Room 

Oops, looks like this place only has Standing Room (hurhur)! But this was taken during lunch hour
Oops, looks like this place only has Standing Room (hurhur)! But this was taken during lunch hour

I forgot to take a picture of this place in the morning but usually, this place is not as crowded in the mornings.  I guess students/teachers are too busy heading to class in the morning and the Union House would probably be a little out of the way?

Regular latte, $3.60
Regular latte, $3.60

Anyway, personally, this is my favourite coffee place in Melbourne Uni.

I really like the blend here – they use the 5 Senses Dark Horse blend that seems to have hints of caramel, chocolate and fruit. This blend may come across bolder and more bitter than the one at the House of Cards but this suits me just fine!

Standing Room on Urbanspoon

Okay, so you might have to head off to work/classes after your morning coffee fix and as we approach lunchtime, here’s one option for you!

Egg Sake Bistro 

There may be a long queue of hungry students and uni staff by this time but don’t be intimidated by the crowd – the food is all ready-made and they serve it up really efficiently!

Chicken Katsu Curry - $6.90
Chicken Katsu Curry – $6.90

There are a range of dishes to choose from but this remains my favourite. This is my go-to dish whenever I’m craving for fried chicken and I just love how generous they are with the Jap curry sauce and pickles. There is an option to up-size and get another dish for $1 more but this size is more than enough for me!

And since you’re there anyway, why not try their drinks stall next door?

Perhaps it is a good thing that this place wasn’t in existence when I was a student – if not, all my money would have been spent here…

Small matcha latte ($2.80) with extra coffee shot ($0.30)
Small matcha latte ($2.80) with extra coffee shot ($0.30)

…yes, ever since I’ve discovered their matcha lattes there has been no turning back. I can just imagine spending a bomb on these if I was still a student!

There is an ongoing debate among my friends whether it tastes better with or without the coffee shot. For the camp that champions the pure matcha latte, they say that you can really taste the matcha and it’s creamier.

But for the other camp, which I am for,we find that the coffee shot gives that extra kick. Yes, I actually like that hit of bitterness with the coffee shot and I find the pure matcha latte a little too mild. Haha you can probably tell I like my caffeine drinks strong!

Anyway, you can try for yourself and see which version you prefer!

Egg Sake Bistro on Urbanspoon

So as the afternoon drags, you might be getting a little sleepy. So why not take a break from studying/working and get some afternoon tea?

Carte Crêpes

Now, this stand has taken over Kere Kere’s spot and I reckon this makes it more dangerous for the students/staff around that area – who can possibly say no to those wafting smells of coffee AND crepes??

I find their packing ingenious - eating crepes have never been easier!
I find their packing ingenious – eating crepes have never been easier!

Yes, all of the crepes offered at this stand sound too delicious to be true and their Facebook page shows that they are constantly coming up with new ideas! My personal favourite is Nutella & Strawberries – such a classic combination and the crepe itself is delicious too, fluffy with the right amount of butter.

Their coffees are not bad as well – it has that same smooth and easy-on-the-palate blend as the coffees at the House of Cards. Carte gives out coffee cards too so that’s another thing to draw you back!

So yes, this is a must-go if you are ever in Melbourne Uni – be sure to also check out their Facebook page to see when they give out double coffee stamps or even free crepes!

Carte Crêpes on Urbanspoon

By the time you get through all these, I’ll be really surprised if your tummy isn’t bursting! All those familiar with Melbourne Uni would also know that there are other places that I’ve not included in this post so rest assured that you have lots of food and coffee places to choose from when you step into this campus.

So that’s it for A Day in Melbourne Uni, the Foodie’s Edition. I hope that gives you an alternative perspective on where to hunt for food when you are in the Carlton area, beyond the main streets 😉

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