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Plantation Coffee / STREAT

Commuters at Melbourne Central train station have got it going good – it is the one-stop for all train lines (duh), Coles is just next to it for convenient grocery-shopping, there are many food stalls to grab food on the go from…

….And as for coffee options, there are even a couple of options for barista-made coffee! Whoo!

I have blogged before about my sentiments of getting a coffee on the run, and there is a reason why I love getting on the train at Melbourne Central…

Plantation Coffee


I’ve heard alot about Plantation Coffee when it first opened and from the look of their website, they seem to know their coffee! So I was eager to give it a go at the next opportunity I had to take a morning train from Melbourne Central (I only drink coffee in the mornings).

One thing I noticed upon reaching the counter was the offering of a piccolo size (1 size smaller than the regular). I was curious if that affected the coffee taste so I decided to go for it.

Piccolo Latte - $3.50
Piccolo Latte – $3.50

I actually found that with the piccolo, the intensity of the coffee was stronger. So while I shortened the time that I could sip my coffee leisurely on the train, I quite enjoyed the stronger taste of the coffee. From memory, I could taste hints of nuts and the proportion of espresso to milk was just right for me!

The second time was when I introduced Ms JQ to it…

Regular Lattes - $4 each. Yes, we really got our coffees on the go!
Regular Lattes – $4 each. Yes, we really got our coffees on the go!

This time round, I went for the regular size but I found that this made the coffee milder, and it didn’t have as much of a kick as the previous time. The blend for this round was also not as impressive, unfortunately. We both noted a sour aftertaste which we didn’t quite enjoy. So it was just an okay cup of coffee – I guess we were expecting more for that price and their brand name.

Yes, the second time was a little disappointing and looking at the reviews on Urbanspoon, many seem to have the same sentiments – that while the coffee used to be good, the standard appears to have dropped recently.

So overall, Plantation Coffee doesn’t seem to deliver consistency but I guess if you rather not have machine-made coffee at the fast-food chains, this would be an option!

Plantation on Urbanspoon


Being slightly let down by the previous experience at Plantation, for my next morning train ride, I decided to head on to a tried-and-tested place, STREAT!

I went for my usual latte 🙂

Small/Regular latte - $3.80
Small/Regular latte – $3.80

To my delight, the coffee was as good as I remembered. It was robust, smooth, with a punch of fruitiness and subtle hint of dark chocolate at the end.

Just what I needed to have an enjoyable and quiet train ride on a weekend morning!

So without a doubt, between the 2 coffee-stands at Melbourne Central, I would definitely go for STREAT, for its delivery of consistently good coffees.

I guess my only complaint is that the stand doesn’t open early enough on the weekends!

STREAT Melbourne Central on Urbanspoon

So yes, that is why I like taking the train out from Melbourne Central – nothing like a good coffee perk that actually makes me look forward to taking a train, even with the possibility of train delays and other public transport woes!

With the high traffic that goes through Melbourne Central daily, I won’t be surprised if many of you have already been to these places for your coffee runs. But if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?? 😉

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