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How much are you willing to pay for a good steak? You will be surprised (at least, I was!) by how much some people splurge out for that hunk of beef!

Anyway, I don’t really see much sense (cents?) in forking out $2,800 for a piece of meat that will be devoured in less than an hour, but I do enjoy a good steak. So when I found out about Steer’s early-dining special – $39.50 for an entree/dessert, steak, side & drink – I wanted to go for the longest time ever.

I’ve heard so much about Steer’s premium steaks that this deal sounded too good to be true. The problem was finding the right people who can make it for that early dinner hour!

But finally, I found my 2 steak kakis 😛 So that’s where I found myself 1 weekday evening, at about 6ish pm…


As expected of that hour, the restaurant was quiet when we stepped in.


The waiter reminded us that as part of the early dining special, we had to be out of the restaurant by 7.30pm. As the restaurant didn’t seem that busy, that seemed quite reasonable to us!


This wasn’t stated on their website so I was quite pleased to see that there was quite a decent selection of steaks to choose from, even for this deal.

I also heard about Steer’s service of their wait staff patiently going through the selection of steak cuts before ordering. And I was happy to see that this service was still given for the early-bird special!


As usual, Ms JQ and I decided to share our dishes and we both went for the wagyu. Andrew decided to have his own entree and went for a different cut.

Lemon Lime Bitters

We were entitled to a glass of wine but as we don’t drink alcohol, we had this for our drink choice. Yums!

Complimentary bread

The butter was wonderfully churned and we generously lashed them out on our bread. As we enjoyed the butter and we were given so much of it, we thought of asking for more bread. But in the end, we thought we should save our tummies!

And it was a good thing that we restrained ourselves…

Salmon with vierge sauce & artichoke

This was the entree that was presented to me… isn’t it pretty? Ms JQ and I loved how the salmon was so delicately seared on the outside, and inside was this hunk of raw salmon that melted in our mouths.

The dish was vibrant and full of fresh flavours, and would definitely satisfy any sashimi lover!

Pork terrine

This entree was a heavier alternative to the salmon. We enjoyed the pâté-like pork surrounded by the chorizo and the portion didn’t make it come off as too greasy. It was a decent entree but in terms of presentation and flavours, it lacked the ‘wow’ factor that we found in the salmon.

Ms JQ commented that while the salmon was presented in a refined black porcelain plate, the pork terrine was placed on this flimsy wooden plate which made it look a lot simpler and practically, it made it hard to cut through the pork as the plate was wobbling a lot.

Beef tartar

This was Andrew’s entree and while I’m not a fan of beef tartar, he enjoyed this a lot. He gave this dish a pretty good review!

After our entrees were cleared, we didn’t have to wait too long for our main course!

Wagyu Rib Cap 9+

Let’s just say this steak ticked all my boxes. I love how the edges had that crunch from the grill and the inside was so juicy and fatty. Andrew did note that the inside looked more rare than medium and Ms JQ did find it a little too chewy for her liking.

But to me, I actually liked the meat bordering onto rareness as that allowed me to fully taste the fattiness of the wagyu. And when the rare beef is smeared with mustard (which you will see later), that made it such a delectable combination… mmm. I guess that shows how one’s preference for steak differs from another!

Wagyu Flank 9+

I’m sorry that I can’t make this steak look any nicer (that was how it was presented and the dim lighting didn’t help!).

But appearances aside, the steak had that wonderful charred exterior and the meat inside was really tender. This one is leaner and Ms JQ actually preferred this cut to the previous wagyu but I think I like mine fattier!

Scotch Fillet 4+

This was the cut that Andrew chose and he allowed me to steal a bite – it was really tender and juicy!


These were the sauces that we could choose to go with our steak. The waitress went through all of them with us and I went for Dijon and English mustards, and some wasabe mayo!

As you can tell, we were all quite satisfied with our steaks. Andrew was also pretty impressed with their super sharp knives – click here for the ‘live’ demonstration!

Steak chips

Mashed potato

We all went potato-ey for our sides. I actually preferred the mashed potato over the steak chips as I didn’t find the chips batter crispy enough 😦 But the portion was generous enough and we reckon there must be at least 3 potatoes in each side!

The service was prompt and we did manage to get out of the restaurant by 7.30pm, with our tummies bursting. We didn’t even feel like having dessert which goes to show how full we were! Despite the lower price tag, I find that the service, portions and quality of food were not compromised, and has allowed me to have a good sampler of Steer’s famed steaks.

With all these factors, I would make Steer a top pick for anyone looking for a decent steak and good dining experience in Melbourne. And yes, I highly recommend their Early Dining Special!!

Steer Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

And as the night was still young, we had time to go down to the Yarra River, to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse!


Unfortunately, my camera is not professional enough to get a close shot of the moon or capture the blood moon 😦 But oh well, didn’t it manage to capture a fine view of Melbourne by night, with the moon hanging by its side?

And that just did the trick to round up the night, with good food and good friends – ah what a nice night that was!

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    1. It depends on how good you want your steak to be! I think the normal prices are about $60 for a steak so your voucher would probably be good for 1 person, if you’re adding sides & drinks 🙂


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