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More Cheap Eats!

You know there are just some places that you don’t even need to think twice before going in? Simply because they are conveniently-located, okay-tasting and cheap?

Yup, you may notice from my blog that I’ve quite a few of these places on my list – while I do appreciate the occasional fancy meal, I’m actually all about value meals. Hehe this is the Singaporean in me speaking.

So here, I round up 3 more places – of 3 different cuisines at 3 different suburbs!

Pho Dakao Hoang, Springvale


What else can you find in Springvale but Vietnamese food?? But if your eyes are sharp enough, you’ll realise the above picture is not pho but something else!

It’s actually a bowl of Combination Pork noodles, with yes, the innards of the pig! I just decided to try this out of curiosity and it was SUPER FILLING. In terms of flavour, it was all right – I find that it could do with a more flavourful broth.

Dry noodles with Crispy Chicken

The noodles looked pretty dry to me but mmm crispy chicken!

The classic Broken Rice dish.

The person who had this had no complaints and look at that glistening slab of pork!

All of the above dishes are around the $10 mark and the huge portions are definitely value for money.

There is a no-end of Vietnamese restaurants to choose from in Springvale and honestly, I think you can get a decent bowl of pho or broken rice anywhere in this suburb.

But there are some restaurants that are more crowded than others so maybe you can consider this if you can’t get a spot in the more popular restaurants!

Pho Dakao Hoang on Urbanspoon

Yummy Bubblepia, Holmesglen


Holmesglen is another hub for affordable meals, and there seems to be a healthy competition among 3 Korean restaurants that are located side-by-side.

Anyway, out of these 3 restaurants that have been tried and tested by our youth group, Yummy Bubblepia remains our favourite.

Complimentary condiments

I guess we keep coming back here because for some reason, there are always seats available to accommodate our large group, there is a wide range of dishes to choose from and we like the quality of the food here above the rest.

Soybean paste soup

Again, the portions here are quite filling and most of the dishes are around the $10 mark. Each bowl of soup comes with rice too.


This is 1 of our favourite soups. The soup always packs a generous amount of seafood, the right level of spiciness and super soft tofu – perfect for a cold night!

Chilli Karage

I find myself ordering this dish whenever I’m craving for fried chicken (which is more than the occasional hehe) and something spicy. And also when I don’t really feel like having a hot soup.

It’s not really that spicy and is more on the sweet edge. But anyway, it does help to fulfill the fried chicken craving!


This is another favourite of mine. I’ve tried a few bibimbaps but I must say I’m quite attached to Yummy Bubblepia’s one.

Bibimbap all mixed up

I find that every element is cooked well in this little bowl – the slightly yolky egg, the freshly sliced pickles and vegetables, and the rice that are crunchy around the edges of the bowl. Such a comforting bowl of rice!

So yes, Yummy Bubblepia is a good stop for some Korean comfort food.

Just to let you on a little secret, after our dinners, we tend to go to the Asian grocery mart next door to get this Korean ice cream that is made out of a frozen wafer with red bean ice cream and honey (at about $2.30) – just to complete the Korean comfort meal experience!

Yummy Bubblepia on Urbanspoon

Minang Nasi Padang, Carlton


I reckon many Melbourne University students will be familiar with this place as it’s located so near the campus. Minang is also closely associated with Norsiah’s Kitchen round the corner which serves up the Singaporean/Malaysian version of Nasi Padang.


But I guess one difference between the 2 stalls is that Minang is open on Sundays while Norsiah’s isn’t, which is how we wound up there one Sunday evening for a cheap and good dinner in the city area.


This was one plate we got and the pumpkin curry was a winner. The pumpkin retained its sweetness and was really soft, with that hint of spice.


This was another plate we got and let me tell you, that charcoal-black thing on the right was delicious. We asked the lady behind the counter what that was and she said that it was beef lungs and that she ‘likes it’.

We decided to give it a go and let me tell you, all of us who got it enjoyed it. Ann commented that it tasted a little like bak kwa – sweet and savoury at the same time, and flattened so that it’s still tender.

I would go back to Minang’s just for those beef lungs but the lady said that it’s not available everyday 😦

I guess the alternative would be to attempt cooking it by myself – but does anyone know where to buy beef lungs??

Anyway, Minang is such a good option when you need that quick meal or just to do takeaway, even on weekends!

Minang Nasi Padang on Urbanspoon

Okay, there you have it – 3 more cheap eats! I’m always on the lookout for value meals so let’s see if I can add more of these places to this blog in time to come! 😉

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