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That Night at Collingwood

It was 1 of the last nights for a brother in Melbourne so a farewell dinner was in order. He requested for Modern Australian cuisine and we thought bringing him to Collingwood would just do the trick, with its fair share of Modern Aussie restaurants and the chance to bring him to a more ghetto side of Melbourne.

It was quite a challenge finding a place that suited the budget for the 9 of us, and fulfilled the foodie expectations of the group at the same time. Finally, I decided to take a chance with Rockwell & Sons, as the prices seemed fairly reasonable and I did hear some good things about their Fried Chicken Sandwich.

So here goes nothing!

(Silly me forgot to bring out my camera that night so kind Ms JQ helped to photographed with the ever-dependable iPhone 5s)

The restaurant was still fairly quiet on that Sunday night at 6pm
The restaurant was still fairly quiet on that Sunday night at 6pm

We decided to do sharing plates, splitting between the guys and girls. I guess we should have taken the hint when the waitress asked if we wanted to order more dishes.

Menu for the night
Menu for the night

Due to the group’s budget (yea some people in our group were really on tight wallet strings that night!), we restrained ourselves… but little did we know!

Smoked lamb ribs
Smoked Lamb Ribs
Crispy Confit Duck Wings
Crispy Confit Duck Wings

As you can tell, the portions were reallyyyy small, much to the dismay of the guys 😦 Simply put, there wasn’t enough meat to go around!

In terms of the flavours, the lamb ribs were fine, but might be a tad too salty and we found the duck wings all right too, although someone did find the duck wings a little too sweet.

French fries
French Fries with aioli – just can’t say no to ’em chips!
Fried Chicken Sandwich, or burger?
Fried Chicken Sandwich, or burger?

So finally, I got to sink in my teeth into the House Specialty of the Fried Chicken Sandwich (I kinda feel like it should be renamed to a ‘Burger’ instead, yes no?). We all loved the buttermilk dressing on the nicely battered fried chicken and we quite enjoyed the brioche bun, with those fresh shreds of lettuce to cut through the greasiness.

But just as we found in the previous dishes, there simply wasn’t enough of it to satisfy – the burger was easily demolished in 2-3 mouthfuls! So really, this burger comes across as overpriced.

Overall, the dishes didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of flavour and the value for portion sizes didn’t sit too well for us, especially the hungry boys! I guess this would be a place for you if you’re willing to spend at least $30 to get your tummy filled. But honestly, I don’t really see the unique edge at Rockwell & Sons and if you’re looking for more bang for your buck, there are a lot more burger places to choose from!

Rockwell and Sons on Urbanspoon

So yeah, unfortunately, we emerged of the restaurant with our bellies only half-filled. I guess we could have gone all-out and splurged on more dishes but we decided to save our tummies for the other offerings at Collingwood…

Mr Papadopoulos (lamb) - $8
Souvlaki  fix at Jimmy Grants – this pic is taken from my previous post

As the guys were a lot hungrier than the girls, we decided to make a stop at Jimmy Grants. I am happy to report that the guys fully enjoyed the souvlakis and I felt a little better after that – it’s not a nice feeling when you pick a dinner place and your dining companions don’t enjoy their meal!

And then we walked on for our dessert spot – N2 Extreme Gelato!

Flavours for the night
Flavours for the night

Because we like sharing – we picked 3 flavours between the 9 of us hehe.

White chocolate lavender fudge, Ferrero reveal  & Strawberry rosewater meringue pie
Strawberry Rosewater Meringue Pie, Ferrero reveal & White Chocolate Lavender Fudge

We were a little disappointed that our favourite Black Lava Salted Caramel was not offered that night. But anyway, here’s our lowdown on the flavours we had:

White Chocolate Lavender Fudge – we found the lavender a little overpowering. Someone commented that he felt like he was eating soap (oops!). But I guess once you get used to it, it’s still edible 😛

Ferrero Reveal – This was the crowd favourite that night. We enjoyed tapping through the chocolate-coated top and were thrilled to be provided with a syringe of chocolate ganache to ‘inject’ into our gelato. And yes, it did taste like Ferrero Roche. Unique and yummy – this gets our thumbs-up!

Strawberry rosewater meringue pie – Again, we didn’t quite warm up to the idea of using flower flavours (rosewater). It was all right but not very memorable.

While we didn’t found the N2 flavours to be the most impressive that night, it was still good ice cream and we still had a blast oohh-ing and aaahh-ing over the theatrics of the ice-cream making and the unique elements found in our gelato cups. We also got on a sugar high and got a few crazy wefies to prove it oops.

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

So while Rockwell didn’t satisfy our tummies for the night, N2 helped to fill in the gap. So we did manage to end it on a (sweet) high note – yay! It was also nice walking around the streets of Collingwood, chatting along the way and still being in high spirits because of each other’s company. So yes, that was our night at Collingwood – probably leaving a little to be desired for in the foodie department but still fulfilling in the bonding and company 😉

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