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For That Bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup

Eating out can be such a social affair but there are times when you want to take a break from the kitchen, and yet do away with the small talk or networking over a fancy meal. Just some simple conversation and down-to-earth food would do… ever felt like that?

It happened that I was having a pretty rough week – my old injury acted up again when I was at the gym and that was giving me a constant pain, my jaw problems were back so I couldn’t eat properly, and to put the icing on the cake, my faithful laptop of 6 years suddenly died on me, just when I had to work on some assignments for an online course.

And this occurred just after I finally took the plunge to get a new camera* so I couldn’t have felt more broke…

Feeling quite overwhelmed, I was mulling over all these at work 1 day and suddenly, I felt like taking the night off – to not have to think of what to cook for dinner, and spend that time with someone familiar and close.

So on a whim, I whatsapped the housie to ask if she wanted to go out for dinner and turns out, she was feeling the same sentiments as me (yup, she was having a tough week too)! Yay, I guess that’s why we’re housies 🙂

So we were all set for an easy but comforting meal. And having my favourite Sam gye tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) in town seemed to be the answer…

Big Mama

P1010073 copy

As you can tell from the above picture, the restaurant was buzzing even on a weekday night. I’ve blogged about Big Mama being 1 of my favourite comfort eats (i.e. good food, low cost) and looks like it’s popular with many others too.

Side condiments at Big Mama

As usual, Big Mama served up morish and unique side condiments – Ann and I couldn’t stop picking at them and may have requested for 3 serves (oops).

Big Mama

The Agadeshi Tofu was also still as good as before – crisp on the outside and pillowy-soft on the inside. With the generous drizzles of teriyaki sauce and mayo, and dancing bonito flakes on top, you can only imagine how good this would taste when all combined into one mouthful. Mmmm.

And the main reason why we came…

Big Mama

Hurrah, the Sam Gye Tang didn’t disappoint. The soup was thick and flavoursome, and the meat just fell apart. As you sip the soup, you can taste the sweetness of the red dates and glutinous rice, the soothing chicken broth, the creaminess of the garlic, with that hint of herbal ginseng at the end. The soup simply sings with flavour!

So yes, I stand by it – Big Mama remain tops for me for its Sam Gye Tang 🙂

Big Mama on Urbanspoon

As we shared that meal, we also shared about the week’s past events, life and God.  I guess it puts things into perspective when you hear about someone else’s struggles, and you realise that you’re not the only one with problems, or when you are reminded of God being ever present in the lives of His children. And that’s when you realise, with God, all these trials can be overcome in the end…

It was also timely that when we got home, I found that a sister shared this verse on Facebook:

‘From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.’ – Psalm 61:2

What comforting words to round up the night! Thank God for His reminder to always depend on Him when the heart feels overwhelmed 🙂

Big Mama

And thank God for that good meal and time spent with the housie. Just like living with family under one roof, we may see each other everyday but it’s not everyday that we sit down to have that heart-to-heart conversation.

And I’m glad that we did just that, over that bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup 😉

*yes, all pictures from this post are taken with my new Olympus OMD-EM5. Still figuring it out but quite enjoying it at the moment! 

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