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Mangiare in Italia – La Finale

All right, let’s just finish this off shall we? 😉

Despite being fed so well in Cinque Terre, I wasn’t expecting much from Milan, given that we just had a day there, and that this was the least-researched place out of our entire trip.

So yes, we had our share of touristy restaurant meals but there were a few surprises too. Read on to find out more!

Our first meal was around the Duomo as we looked for lunch. Of course, there were lots of restaurants with marked up prices in a touristy area but we took a chance with this pizzeria as the prices seemed more reasonable…

We shared a pizza with eggplant, zucchini, mozzarella & cherry tomatoes
We shared a pizza with eggplant, zucchini, mozzarella, basil & cherry tomatoes

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the restaurant but I was pleasantly surprised by how good this pizza was!

The pizza dough was baked in a wood-fire oven and I liked how Italian the ingredients are! The vegetables were hardly dried out and retained its juicy flavours. I’m actually quite inspired by this combination of ingredients and I’m thinking if I should make a salad out of these ingredients!

Moving on, in our quest to find San Lorenzo Maggiore, we chanced upon this gelateria… 

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 51, 20123 Milano
Pistachio & Raspberry! Best combi ever!
Pistachio & Raspberry – Best combi ever

The gelato here was pricier than the ones we had in Cinque Terre (about €3.50 per cup I think) but boy, this was the BEST gelato I ever had.

The pistachio gelato was creamy with the right touch of salt and the raspberry sorbet was so refreshingly sweet and sour at the same time. Mmmm who would have thought pistachio and raspberry would go so well together?

Eating that gelato, I got so inspired to look for pistachio-raspberry dessert recipes – more on that next time!

Via Nerino, 10, 20123 Milano
Waaahh what a romantic setting :P
Waaahh what a romantic setting 😛

I seriously cannot remember what Ms Gan ordered and it must have been the Milanese summer heat that drained my brain cells because I forgot to take pictures of her food! Sigh I think the blogger instinct wasn’t very active at that point.

So you would just have to make do with my side of the table!

Squid-ink pasta with clams & salami - €10
Squid-ink pasta with clams & salami – €10

My pasta was a nice al-dente texture! And yes, the squid-ink pasta did have a hint of the seafood taste. There was also a hit of spice with the chilli used, going so well with the juice oozing out of the clams. Overall, apart it from being a tad too salty, I couldn’t fault this dish.

And because the main was quite reasonably priced, and I had space in my tummy, there was dessert!

Panna Cotta with Creme Caramel glaze & Raspberries
Panna Cotta with Caramel & Raspberries

I think I was sold when I saw ‘raspberries’ on the menu. Haha. Anyway, it was a good panna cotta, but I thought this tasted more gelatine-like than the one Ms Gan had in Vernazza – I kinda preferred the silkier version!

Anyway, can you spot the little orange fruit in the background? I don’t know what it is but it tasted like a nectarine! If you know what it is, please feel free to share 🙂

The next morning, we ask our Airbnb host for recommendations and she pointed us to this nearby cafe…

Blu Anche Ristorante

Via Carmagnola 5, Milano

Custard & nutella croissants
Custard & nutella croissants

Upon entering, I felt like I was stepping into 1 of Melbourne’s cafes! With its wooden furniture and hippie layout, it did feel kind of surreal. I guess this could be the reason why 😉

Gotta enjoy it with a cappuccino! It was less than €2 for the coffee
Gotta enjoy it with a cappuccino! It was less than €2 for the coffee

The coffee was as good as the one I enjoyed at the Monteresso train station – smooth and strong. But like what I had found before, the blend wasn’t as complex-tasting as the ones we get here in Melbourne. I guess it’s the Italian way of keeping their food simple but good!

Again, we wound up around the area of the Duomo for lunch. So we ended up in another touristy restaurant…

My risotto of prawns, tomatoes and zucchini
My risotto of prawns, tomatoes and zucchini

This risotto was okay, but after what I’ve tasted in Vernazza, this pales so much in comparison!

And because of the sweltering heat and because we had a few more hours to spare in Italy, we had 1 last gelato.

Gelateria Vanilla

Via Pattari, 2, 20122 Milan

My last gelato - Stracciatella & strawberry
My last gelato in Milan – Stracciatella & strawberry

Nothing much can be said except that it was a good cup of gelato! Again, I felt so inspired by this combination of flavours that I scoured for dessert recipes with these flavours when I got back to Melbourne – I’ll try to blog about it soon!

Eating gelato was such a simple pleasure when we were in Italy – they weren’t expensive and you’re almost always guaranteed a good cup wherever you go. And it was even a sweeter deal because of all our traipsing under the sun, especially in Milan where it felt hotter, being away from the coastline!

But yea, a downside is that we had to fight the summer heat, and Ms Gan shows us how to eat the fast-melting gelato in style…

Ms Gan shows us how to eat gelato in style haha
Hahaha couldn’t resist putting this up

So that’s it for our foodie adventures in Milan, as well as my European summer getaway!

Food definitely made up half of the experience and it was a treat sampling 3 wonderful European cuisines, while taking in the wonderful sights. And that, my friends, made it a most memorable summer indeed 😉

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