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Bread Tales

Mmm bread.. especially when they are warm, fluffy and fresh out of the oven… mmm. Who doesn’t like bread, especially me who has a weakness towards carby stuff (think: rice, noodles, pasta and my biggest downfall, chippies 😛 ).

So this is a story about bread. But if you are thinking that this is about my bread-making adventures, then you’ll be disappointed, because I’m not that advanced a baker yet!

But anyhow, this is about how bread managed to wind up on my kitchen table, through various ways…

So if you recall previously, I was in the matcha-cupcake baking frenzy for awhile. And during this time, I had whipped up a batch for a particular family in church.

Matcha white choc cupcakes ready to be delivered!
Matcha white choc cupcakes ready to be delivered!

I passed on 1 tupperware of matcha white choc cupcakes to that family and a few days later, Aunty P passed me back my tupperware. And to my delightful surprise, there was something inside!

Look what I found in my tupperware!
Look what I found in my tupperware!

This was red bean bread, baked from scratch by Aunty P! Wow just like the ones you would get from the Asian bakery! The bread was soft and the red bean paste was not too sweet, just right. It was such a treat having that for breakfast – thanks Aunty P!!!

Of course I didn't have all 5 buns at 1 go - I was nice & shared with Ann hehe
Of course I didn’t have all 7 buns at 1 go – I was nice & shared with Ann hehe

And that my friends, is the story of how I enjoyed homemade red bean bread 1 Saturday morning 😀

So the story continues as during the same time, there was an obsession with Lune Croissanterie among us…

Maybe it was the number of raving reviews online that we could not avoid, or that time we went to Station St Trading Co. to find out that Lune’s outsource of pastries are now limited, or that 1 time we made a special trip down to find it closed, or the other time that Ms CC went and queued for 45minutes only to have them sold out before her turn… whatever it is, these croissants seemed so far out from our reach that our curiosity only grew… just how good are these croissants???

And I guess because Andrew is always up to find good food and perhaps since this was a challenge that no one could seem to tackle, he decided to go up for this challenge… getting up at the crack of dawn 1 Saturday morning to get in line for those famed croissants!

Even before I could rub the dust out of my eyes and wonder if Andrew managed to get hold of those croissants, lo and behold, I heard Ann’s phone ringing at 8.30am, the door being opened and slammed shut, and 5minutes later, the door being opened again. The early noise was enough to get me out of bed but just as I was about to grumble about not being able to sleep in, I was greeted by this sight…

Lune croissants home delivered!! Plain croissant & passionfruit-white choc cruffin
Lune croissants home delivered!! Plain croissant & passionfruit-white choc cruffin

Wow he did it!! In the blur of events, I must have done an excited jiggle in my kitchen haha.

Because of the exclusive nature of these pastries, I think it deserves another pic.. haha
Because of the exclusive nature of these pastries, I think it deserves another pic.. haha

So the burning question: did they live up to their hype?? Well, Ann and I were actually disappointed with the plain croissant, unfortunately. I was looking forward to that unique texture and depth of buttery flavour that everyone was talking about. To me, it definitely tasted lighter than the usual buttery croissants you get at the supermarket but I could not seem to find that handchurned buttery texture that reviews were saying. So in all, it tasted quite ordinary to me… (especially now that I just got back from France.. more on that next time!)

As for the cruffin, it did have a more unique texture, as it was denser than the usual croissant, being a cross between a croissant and muffin. However, I did find it a little too sweet for my liking.

So in all, while these pastries were good, we were not sure if they were worth the sacrifice of sleep to queue up for!

However, because Lune’s menu was quite extensive and because Andrew doesn’t seem to mind getting up early, he actually went for another go! So on another Saturday morning, we had these on our kitchen table!

Kouign Amann
Kouign Amann (photo credit: Ann)

Now this, my friends, is the real deal. Therein lies that unique texture that people have been talking about – the Kouign Amann was buttery yet flaky at the same time with the right depth of denseness. The butter in it was also not too heavy, giving you the illusion that you are really not consuming that many calories. That was the Lune factor that I was looking for all along!!

Lune Croissanterie on Urbanspoon

And that my friends, is the story of how I managed to have a sampler of some delicious bread in the comforts of my home, thanks to Aunty P and Andrew. Thank God for brethren who have such generous hearts!

Will the bread tales continue with more Lune samplings or even me venturing into the world of bread-baking?? (eeks) Well, time will only tell. But for now, I have other foodie tales to blog about so stay tuned!

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