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Thai Culinary Takeaway via Menulog

Disclaimer: This meal was courtesy of a $30 voucher given by Menulog

When I first told my housie Ann of this takeaway service that we were going to try out, she immediately quipped, ‘So exciting! This is just like room service!’ 

How true.

So thanks to Menulog, we were invited to try out their online delivery service. Basically, their website has a listing of different restaurants that do takeaway services. Just key in your suburb postcode and a list of restaurants that deliver to your suburb will come up.

I found the website very easy to navigate and it was really hard to narrow down on a choice! I was delightfully surprised to find so many restaurants listed on the Menulog’s website – no wonder it is the No. 1 choice for online takeaway in Australia!

So finally, Ann and I decided that we felt like having Thai cuisine and after doing some research on the Urbanspoon reviews, we settled on Thai Culinary.

You'll get a SMS confirmation as well
You’ll get a SMS confirmation as well

It was such a luxury to not only choose your dinner from your office seat, but to choose the timing of the delivery as well! Dinner planning has never been easier! So all I had to do was to make my dinner choice online, knock off from work, hit the gym, get back home to shower, and hear the doorbell ring at the exact time that I had requested online, just as I was about to step out of the bathroom. And to also hear Ann’s excited yell, ‘It’s here!!!’

Dinner, pronto!
Dinner, pronto!

It was great how everything went like clockwork – what a treat to have dinner delivered to your doorstep after a long day, effortlessly too!

How can you say 'no' to fried chicken?
How can you say ‘no’ to fried chicken?

One of the reasons why we chose Thai Culinary was because of the reviews on their Spicy Chicken Spare Ribs. And true enough, those spare ribs hit the mark with its crispy batter and tender meat inside. The batter was garlicky and had a hint of a sweet tang, and spicy enough to have our noses sniffling. It was a good thing we ordered the medium spicy level!

Dinner plated up, lemon not included haha
Dinner plated up, lemon not included haha

We also quite enjoyed the Pad Thai. The calamari was stir-fried nicely as it didn’t taste rubbery. The prawns were also still juicy and the fried eggs nicely scrambled – yum! There was the nice balance of nuttiness, sweetness and savouriness so no complaints there. Perhaps some parts of the noodles were a little undercooked but we are quite happy to look past this little inconsistency!

Thanks Menulog for letting us try out this service!
The portions were big enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day – yay!

As you can tell, we quite enjoyed our dinner in. I think Thai Culinary would be a good option for anyone wanting a comfort Thai meal in the city – the food should taste even better when served piping hot in the restaurant!

Thai Culinary on Urbanspoon

I would like to thank Menulog once again for the opportunity to try out their delivery service – it’s great to always have this option to have a dinner delivery after a busy day and it’s even better that it’s such an easy and efficient service to use! And yes, just as Ann said, it did feel like room service, and it was nice to have that on a normal workday night – perhaps you should give yourself that treat too 😉

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