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Fat Bob’s

Don’t you have those days when you just crave for some grease in your system? Just thinking about that burger dripping with oil and meat juices. And with that slice of melty cheese to add on more grease. Oh and throw in a few salad leaves to make yourself feel a little better and dress it up.

An old warehouse converted to a burger grill?
An old warehouse converted to a burger grill?

So the solution is to look for a nice burger place. And Fat Bob’s has been floating around my radar for awhile so off we went to check out their burgers.

Reminiscent of an American college town bar
Reminiscent of an American college town bar&grill

Beyond the quiet face of a seemingly deserted industrial place at night, therein lies an entirely different world of a busy grill place filled with diners and loud neon lights flashing at you the moment you step in. It reminded me a lot of the bar & grills that I visited in Ann Arbor, USA when I was there for an exchange semester…

Once upon a time, I was a college student in a faraway land...
Once upon a time, I was a college student in a faraway land…

The same outlook, the energy and food smells all brought me back to that little college town of Ann Arbor. I guess the only difference is that the crowd here was mostly families and not college kids getting all boisterous over football on the telly or at the pool table.

Anyway, excuse my 60s of nostalgia. Back to the present!

So we were seated outside as the inside was filled. Not that I minded – I’m not actually a big fan of the bar atmosphere and it was more peaceful outside.

Zucchini chips with mayo
Zucchini chips with mayo

As we were feeling ravenous, we ordered this side to start off with. Man, did it hit the grease quota with the generous crisp batter. It was quite morish but it would be nicer to have a little more zucchini inside.

A good old-fashioned milkshake
A good old-fashioned milkshake

Mr JZ ordered this (is it me or is it strange for guys to like strawberry milkshakes?!) and he allowed us to steal some sips. It made us feel like kids again (hehe) but we did find it a tad too milky – more ice cream please!

Okay, now on to the real deal…

Jackie O – beef pattie, tomato, spanish onion, fontina cheese, cos, mustard, tomato & Fat Bob’s special sauce
Hummer – beef pattie, tomato, jalapeno, spanish onion, cucumber, tasty cheese & spicy mayo

Ms JQ and I shared these 2 burgers and what can we say? Fat Bob’s does it burgers well indeed! The meat patties were juicy and the burgers were big enough to satisfy our need for grease. And most of all, we loved the brioche buns – best burger buns we have found so far!

Burger craving satisfied!
Burger craving satisfied!

Between the 2 burgers, we were more inclined towards the Jackie O for the more classic flavours and perhaps the Fat Bob special sauce did the trick as well!

Andrew didn’t seem very impressed with the experience and I did think that while the standard of burgers is there, I’m not quite sure if I’ll return again, mostly because I didn’t feel very comfortable with the bar-like environment.

However, I did leave quite satisfied with the quality of the food and I do think that if you’re a fan of burgers and are after the American-diner experience, then Fat Bob’s would be a place worth checking out.

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