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So all’s been quiet on the brunching scene lately for me, as I’ve been occupied with church activities on Saturday mornings and my usual brunch partners have been busy as well… Ah, such are the responsibilities of life!

But one cloudy Saturday morning, Andrew, Ms CC, Ms JQ and I managed to gather for some brunch action at Fandango!

Fandango - 97 Errol Street, North Melbourne
Fandango – 97 Errol Street, North Melbourne

We wanted a quick no-fuss brunch (because well, we are busy people hurhur) so we decided to ditch Fandango’s more famous neighbour, Auction Rooms and give the quieter cafe a go. And true enough, when we got there, we were immediately shown to a table of 4 in the courtyard.

However, despite it being a small cafe with not as many patrons as its neighbour, it did take awhile for our coffees to get to us, as well as our food. A staff shortage on that day, perhaps?

Loving the bricks & wooden  tables for a rustic feel
Loving the bricks & wooden tables for a rustic feel

From memory, the coffees were not that outstanding but still decent enough.

Andrew decided to be adventurous and went for an Indian-inspired dish…

Curried eggs with roti
Curried eggs with roti, with an additional side of croquette

Haha you all should know by now my sentiments about Western-Asian dishes, and I tip my hat to Andrew to invest in his curiosity and try this creative-sounding dish. Of course, the curry of chickpeas and vegetables didn’t taste very authentic and the roti just didn’t have the right texture. The combination of flavours, however, worked fine and the portion was generous.

As for the croquette side, it was also a little disappointing as it was dry and there was not much filling inside.

As for us 3 girls, we decided to share 2 savoury dishes and end off with 1 sweet dish.

Beetroot eggs with mushrooms
Beetroot eggs with mushrooms

As you can tell from the lovely yolk oozing out, the eggs were poached beautifully. The mushrooms also had a buttery nutty flavour that had us 3 picking at them with much delight.

The only thing that we did not quite enjoy was the beetroot relish which was a shame as it is meant to be the star ingredient of the dish. We found it quite heavy as it was also mixed with fetta and I didn’t find that it went well with the other ingredients on the plate. Maybe they should just stick to a beetroot spread and leave the fetta out?

Pesto scrambled eggs with bacon
Pesto scrambled eggs with bacon

This dish, on the other hand, had all the elements going well together. We love the pesto twist to the eggs with the slight crunch of pine nuts. We also found the bacon to be of pretty good quality, as it was pretty meaty (usually, it’s more fat to meat on bacon!) and it wasn’t very salty. We quite enjoyed the dish and found it to be quite filling!

Which is why we started to struggle when we went on to the sweet side…

French toast with cinnamon baked apple, bacon & maple syrup
French toast with cinnamon baked apple, bacon & maple syrup

Perhaps it was to our personal preferences, but we found this dish to be a little too sweet. Even the apples didn’t help to give an acidic freshness but was overwhelmed with cinnamon sugar. And as if we needed more sugar, there was a generous dust of icing sugar!

The sides of the toast also were not as crisp and was soggy. It was good to have that side of bacon (which was of the same good quality as in the pesto eggs dish) to give that savoury edge. Even still, it was not enough to cut through the 80% sugar-filled ingredients on the plate.

So the winning dish of the day for us was the Pesto Scrambled Eggs and we really liked the bacon that was served up. The food, while not exciting enough to have us rushing back for a second bite, is still decent enough. So I guess if you are feeling a little fatigued by the Melbourne brunch crowds, you could perhaps visit Fandango, for that quiet brunch without feeling the rush and buzz of the more popular Melburnian cafes.

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