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The Sweet Side of Melbourne

Some people don’t really have much of a sweet tooth but for others, including myself, there’s usually a separate stomach for dessert 😛 Hey, after all, we are given a tongue for 4 different tastes so I don’t see why we can’t activate the sweet taste buds after having the main course…

So for that, this gives reason to explore the sweet side of Melbourne and here are some places that I’ve found for a sweet treat, after a nice brunch or dinner!

Koko Black

The go-to place for hot choc even back in uni
The go-to place for hot choc even back in uni (this was taken back in 2006 btw, talk about old-school!)

Koko Black is such a Melbourne establishment for hand-crafted chocolates that you don’t really need to go into details about how good their chocolate drinks are.

But what surprised me was that recently, Koko Black has added some new fancy desserts on their menu! Talk about a revamp!

Hazelnut Praline Delice & Raspberry Chocolate Dome
Hazelnut Praline Delice & Raspberry Chocolate Dome

The Hazelnut Praline was surprisingly not too heavy and the nuttiness balanced out the chocolate nicely.

And as for the Raspberry Chocolate Dome

Ohh a kinder-esque surprise!
Ohh a kinder-esque surprise!

It was a delight to crack open the dome to find vanilla cream and raspberry puree oozing out. The combination of flavours worked well – how wrong can you go with raspberry and chocolate?? (But for the battle of raspberry & chocolate desserts, there is 1 contender that trumps them all… keep on reading to find out!)

Overall, we really enjoyed our desserts – kudos to Koko Black for updating their menu to keep things exciting and in trend!

Koko Black on Urbanspoon

Le Petit Gateau 

Cosmopolitan cake (photo credit: Ms JQ)
Cosmopolitan cake (photo credit: Ms JQ)

I’ve not actually sat down in this place to eat but always got their cakes for takeaway. The cakes sold by the slices seem a little too pricey so I never had the luxury to sit down in the cafe to grab a slice. But let me tell you, their cakes are worthy top picks to me so for any excuse to get cakes for a group (i.e. anyone up for a fancy birthday cake), I would immediately drop their name.

And this cake, in particular, is the bomb…

Brownie and Passionfruit Chocolate Gâteau - the best birthday cake you can get for someone!
Brownie and Passionfruit Chocolate Gâteau – the best birthday cake you can get for someone!

I love how smooth the ganache is – can you spot the reflection on the cake?

Cake dissected
Cake dissected

And of course, each element of the cake is quite perfect to me… the smooth dark chocolate, the thin layer of brownie, the tangy passionfruit cream, and that crunch of the hazelnut praline – what a wonderful combination!

So yes, if you want to make a friend (or friends rather – sharing is caring!), happy on his/her birthday, this is the cake to get!

Le Petit Gateau on Urbanspoon


Cool modern interior
Cool modern interior

I’ve said before that South Yarra has some dessert options to choose from and Luxbite would be one of them.

Ooohh which to choose??
Ooohh which to choose??

The moment you step in Luxbite, you are wooed by the array of pretty sweets, including the famous Lolly Bag cake featured on Masterchef.

But for some reason, my girlfriends and I were in the mood for something chocolatey and berryish at the same time, hence our choices for the day…

Endless Love & Epic Chocolate Cravings
Endless Love & Epic Chocolate Cravings

Our take on those desserts? The Epic Chocolate Cravings says it all because it was seriously all about chocolate. The Belgian chocolate was indulgent but possibly a bit too rich for us. I kind of wished that there was something acidic or sour to cut through the dark chocolate. (Between you and me, I kinda preferred the Hazelnut Praline at Koko Black as a chocolate dessert!) On the other hand, the Endless Love was a lighter option but I wasn’t sure if I liked the taste of rose cream.

But as small as those desserts look, trust me, they definitely have a lot of hidden calories because it took 3 of us to finish them! I must admit that I wasn’t blown away by those desserts we had at Luxbite that day. But there has got to be reason why it’s so popular so I wouldn’t mind popping back in again, possibly to try the Lolly Bag Cake!

LuxBite on Urbanspoon

Burch & Purchese 

B&P has no qualms about showing their kitchen!
B&P has no qualms about showing their behind-the-scenes!

On the other hand, this is one place that gets me reallyyyyyy excited, which makes it 1 of my top picks in Melbourne!

In all, I’ve had desserts from this sweet little place (pun fully intended) 3 times already and I’m still wowed away each time I dig my spoon into their desserts. The first time, I came with my girlfriends after our brunch at Top Paddock and because I was bursting, I decided to buy 2 desserts to takeaway. Ms YY couldn’t resist and got the ice cream version of the Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate and she shared it with us. It was a good thing that she shared because it was really filling but soooooooo good. That got me so excited to try out my take-home desserts!

My first taste of B&P!
My first taste of B&P!

It took me over 4 days to get through these desserts (yes, I took the time to savour them slowly). The Chocolate, Mandarin & Salted Caramel was okay but I felt that I wanted to taste more of the Mandarin. Personally, I thought that for the combination of dark chocolate and citrus fruit, Le Petit Gateau‘s Brownie and Passionfruit Chocolate Gâteau was better (that is still my favouritest cake ever).

But as for the Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate, it was well, explosive. This, my friends, is the champion of all raspberry chocolate desserts – I love how these 2 ingredients are made into such different elements throughout this dessert. It’s such a play on the senses eating them!

The 2nd time I went there, we got to meet the man himself, Darren Purchese. That got us Masterchef fans star-struck a little (okay quite abit) and Andrew was the only brave and calm one who asked Darren if we could take a photo with him, of which he obliged. Score!

And this time round, I got to try 2 other B&P desserts, thanks to Ms JQ and Andrew who were willing to share 😉

Coconut, passionfruit, ginger, mint/Explosive raspberry milk choc/Green tea, blackcurrant, yuzu & white choc
Coconut, passionfruit, ginger, mint/Explosive raspberry milk choc/Green tea, blackcurrant, yuzu & white choc

Andrew gave the lowdown for the Coconut Passionfruit so you can check his blogpost. The Green Tea Blackcurrant was quite unique as every layer was distinct and yet, they all went well together. I never thought green tea would go well with blackcurrant!

And as for the Explosive Raspberry, you already know my view… And that was my no-brainer choice the 3rd time I had a dessert from B&P! So you can kinda guess which is my favourite dessert from B&P hurhur.

The technique and creativity that go into the B&P desserts are truly impressive and for anyone wanting to try a fine-quality dessert in Melbourne, I will not hesitate to recommend B&P!

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio on Urbanspoon

So that’s it for some sweet sides of Melbourne – has this post left you sickly sweet or has it gotten your sweet tooth tingling? Haha, I guess it depends on whether you’re a sweets person! I’m sure there are more sweet sides of Melbourne waiting to be discovered so feel free to recommend some of your favourite places for sweet treats, or just watch this space!

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