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Housewarming at Indira’s

I don’t know about you but I seriously have some talented friends in the kitchen. And if the average Jane like me can be surrounded by some budding chefs and bakers, there is little to wonder why shows like My Kitchen Rules & Masterchef seem to have no short of contestants. And I won’t be surprised if 1 day, I actually see someone I know on these shows!

Okay so there’s a group of us who bonded in my previous company and even after we went our separate ways as we moved on to other job opportunities, we still meet up for special occasions or just casual dinners out. And most of the time, our go-to place is Gami’s….

Half Sweet Chilli/Half Sweet Soy Garlic
Half Sweet Chilli/Half Sweet Soy Garlic

Mmmm nothing like winding down to Korean Fried Chicken aka KFC. The prices are reasonable which makes it such a great comfort eat. The favourite is the Sweet Soy Garlic Chicken because we just love the combination of the salty crunch of the fried chicken batter with a drizzle of honey and a hint of garlic! Usually, even if we order some of the original-flavoured fried chicken (just to adhere to the rules of variety), we will dip the chicken into any remaining sweet soy garlic sauce!

And we are quite in love with the Korean Spicy Seafood Stew as well…

A good test of your spice threshold!
A good test of your spice threshold!

…Because we love the generous serving of seafood inside the stew, and we love having conversations with sniffy noses haha.

Gami at Lt Lonsdale on Urbanspoon

So anyway, through our catch-ups, we kind of realised that we quite like food (okay, maybe alot) and we seem to cook a lot too. In particular, while munching on our Gami’s fried chicken, Alvs would always talk about his fried chicken adventures, complete with silent videos of chicken being deep-fried in his pan with no sounds apart from the hot oil sizzling (to show the importance of his chicken frying). And we got to know about Indira’s baking episodes through her gazillion food-magazine-quality pictures on Facebook.

Can you believe this girl??
Can you believe this girl?? (photo credit: Indira)
Anyone feels like ordering this?? (photo credit: Indira)
Anyone feels like ordering this? (photo credit: Indira)

So with these overload of show-and-tell, it’s about time we actually get to see them in action eh? So we persuaded Indira to finally let us into her new place and try out her cooking/baking! And Alvs excitedly proclaimed that he’ll let us have a sampler of his housewide famous fried chicken.

And that’s how we wound up at Indira’s 1 fine Sunday afternoon for her housewarming party!

The spread!
The spread!

We were so impressed with the pretty display of food! And they were all so yummy too. Everyone fell in love with the beef ribs dish and promptly asked for the recipe!

And of course, the dish that we were waiting for…

Alv's Dorrito's Fried Chicken aka DFC
Alv’s Dorito’s Fried Chicken aka DFC (photo credit: Chloe)

Basically, Alvs used Doritos as the batter for his chicken, together with paprika and some other spices. They were so good!!!!! The chicken had a unique kind of crispiness because of the texture of the Doritos chips, there was the right level of spiciness and they were juicy inside – yummy!

Alv's DFC & Indira's Roasted Lemon Chicken
Alv’s DFC & Indira’s Roasted Lemon Chicken (photo credit: Chloe)

Haha so all the self-hype didn’t go to naught after all – hail the King of Fried Chicken!

And then we moved on to desserts!

Indira's Chai Latte Cupcakes
Indira’s Chai Latte Cupcakes (photo credit: Chloe)

These cupcakes were beautiful – fluffy, with that lovely tang of chai infused into the cakes. The icing was also not overly sweet and had cinnamon sugar sprinkled over.

And because she can, Indira fed us with another dessert 😀

Green Tea Mousse Cake
Green Tea Mousse Cake with Red Bean cream (photo credit: Chloe)

I was blown away but how many layers there were in this cake. If you look carefully, there are 5 layers – a sponge cake at the bottom, red bean & green tea cream fillings, green tea mousse, topped off with a green tea agar-agar layer. Wow! It was yummylicious of course – this totally beats the cakes at the Asian bakeries hands down.

If you also look at the background of the picture, you would spy a vase of ‘roses’ – those are actually vanilla cupcakes that Indira did as a trial and just used them for decoration! I would have dismissed them as plastic flowers if Chris’ sharp eye didn’t pick them up! How talented is this girl??

As you can gather, it was a nice afternoon catching up, eating delicious homecooked food and playing with Chloe’s beautiful kids. I can’t wait for our next house party when I can sample my friends’ cooking again (okay, maybe I’ll try to contribute something this time 😛 ).

But more importantly, I can’t wait for my friends to put their passion and talents in cooking to good use – Alvs, I await your fried chicken pop-up stall and Indira, I hope to see your online bakery shop one day too!

2 thoughts on “Housewarming at Indira’s

  1. I absolutely adore Gami chicken! Such a great place to catchup and oh my goodness those cakes look amazing. Adriano Zumbo should watch his back 😉


    1. yea it’s an easy go-to choice, if u don’t mind coming out of the restaurant smelling like fried chicken! hehe. yesss i’m trying hard to convince my friend to start selling her cakes!

      thx for stopping by my blog! i enjoyed going through ur site too 🙂


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