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More City Eats

Just like how the Melbourne city is full of alleys waiting to be discovered, so are the food places that are lying in either these hidden alleys or just about every nook and cranny of the city area. Here are a few places that I’ve discovered in the Melbourne city recently – some are good just for 1 bite, and some others, maybe more than 1 bite ūüėõ

So here’s the quick lowdown on these city eats!

Warra Warra 

We always pose restaurants a seating challenge...
We always pose restaurants a seating challenge…

This place was picked because we wanted a quick bite in the city that would not cost much and could seat 10+ people (haha yup, meals are no small affair for me and my church friends!). So that usually boils down to Asian restaurants and we wanted a change from Big Mama that we frequented.

As you can tell from the above picture, our seating arrangement was a little awkward – half of the table inside the restaurant and the other half seated outside! Thankfully, it wasn’t that cold an autumn’s night and we could endure the open-air seating throughout the dinner.

A good thing about eating with a big company is that we get to share and try more dishes!

Sweet Chilli Chicken Karaage
Sweet Chilli Chicken Karaage
Soft Tofu Seafood Soup - $14.70
Soft Tofu Seafood Soup
Beef ribs stew
Beef ribs stew
Beef bulgogi which comes with a serve of rice
Beef bulgogi which comes with a serve of rice
Spicy dukbokki (korean rice cakes)
Spicy dukbokki (Korean rice cakes)

The dish that we enjoyed the most was the Beef Ribs Stew because the meat was slow-cooked and was really tender. The stew was also full of flavour and had the right balance of beefiness and sweetness.

The other dishes were okay but I would have to say that as a whole, Warra Warra would be overshadowed by its more famous Korean counterparts in the city, such as Oriental Spoon or Joomak. I guess there is just too much competition for good quality Korean food and in terms of flavours, the food at Warra Warra pales in comparison. So yea, I would have to say that Big Mama is still my favourite Korean restaurant!

Warra Warra on Urbanspoon


Salmon rolls with spicy mayo
Salmon rolls with spicy mayo

We came to this place because Mr JZ and Ms JQ were craving for Japanese and¬†stingy me wasn’t willing to splurge on fine Japanese dining¬†(sorry guys, but you got me at a bad time when I had already eaten¬†out twice for that week!). So after flicking around Urbanspoon, we came to this no-frills Japanese place in Chinatown.

Beef tataki
Beef tataki
Stir-fried ox tongue with chilli
Gyu Don (Stir-fried ox tongue with chilli)

The food was all right Рthe portions were filling and the flavours were okay. I can see how this place can be a comfort eat for many; a place for a quick Japanese fix without an expensive price tag.

But of course, as expected of a budget Japanese restaurant, the food lacked the fresh and delicate flavours of authentic Japanese cuisine. As such,¬†I felt sorry for Ms JQ and Mr JZ who probably didn’t manage to satisfy their Japanese cravings, especially Mr JZ who just got back from Japan! I guess this was a little disappointing as compared to our experience at Oishii¬†and their preconceived notions of tantalizing sashimi and wagyu beef – okay lah, maybe one day we’ll make it to Izakaya Den yah? Hehe.

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Just opposite Vic Market
Just opposite Vic Market

I must admit that I was a little skeptical of this place at first because I heard of its Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine. I mean, Korean & Mexican – you would hardly put these 2 cuisines together! But anyway, I heard about their fried chicken as well so that was the draw factor!

So we started off with something more authentically Korean…

Some rice dish that we ordered.. can't remember the name!
Some rice dish that we ordered.. can’t remember the name!
The rice when mixed... tastes abit like bimbimbap
The rice when mixed… tastes abit like bimbimbap
Kimchi pancake
Kimchi pancake

The pancake was good – crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Nomnomnom.

Then we¬†went onto the deep(fried) end…

Fried Calamari

The calamari was a little salty so we didn’t enjoy it that much. But. That. Chicken. The batter was not overly salty and it was moist on the inside – we couldn’t get enough of them! I reckon this place really gives Gami’s a run for its money! The only complaint we had was that there was too little chicken on the plate – Gami’s seems to give a bigger serving.

Okay, now that we’re done with the dishes that we are familiar with, we went on to the fusion side…

Bulgogi Quesadilla
Bulgogi Quesadilla

We weren’t feeling too adventurous so we only settled on 1 fusion dish. But boy, were we surprised by it! The quesadilla was crisp, the cheese was gooey, there was the spice factor and the fresh flavours of the tomatoes – yum! The flavour of the bulgogi was also not lost so there was definitely a harmony of Korean and Mexican flavours in this dish. Very clever and yummy dish!

So we all enjoyed our experience at Chimac and I wouldn’t mind going back for another visit¬†– to check out their tacos and of course, have another bite of that fried chicken!

Chimac on Urbanspoon

Okay, so that’s 3 down and many more to go! There are still some in my backlog and I’m sure there will be more in the back alleys of Melbourne sprouting out and creating waves on the bloggersphere. So stay tuned for more city-eating adventures!

4 thoughts on “More City Eats

  1. yea this 1 of the more creative Korean restaurants that is worth checking out! thx for stopping by my blog btw ūüôā


    1. yea there are some out there… and those I would classify as my ‘Comfort Eats’. stay tuned while I add more to that category!


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