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Le Miel Et La Lune

Once in a blue moon, you may get that 1 day off in the week, be it to run an errand during office hours, a medical appointment or just to use up your accumulated leave. So that 1 day is quite precious really, when you get to work 1 less day for that week, and get to do things that you normally can’t do during office hours.

I find such days a fresh breath of life to my usual routine, as I hurry around running errands, seizing every free minute that I have for that day, before I’m held captive by the doldrums of office work the next day again. And I usually try to set aside 1h during that day to have a nice and languid meal with a friend, catching up over delicious food while the rest of the world whiz past us with their usual weekday activity.

So for these special once-in-a-blue-moon days, I found it quite apt when Ms JQ chose Le Miel Et La Lune (i.e. Honey & MOON, geddit??) for our weekday brunch!

Bright, airy and the smell of coffee and eggs in the air!
Bright, airy and the smell of coffee and eggs in the air!

It was a warm autumn’s day and the lovely weather was an added bonus to us walking in to an almost-empty cafe. The open-air concept of the cafe made it very airy and bright, lifting up our moods the moment we stepped in – we were ready to brunch!

Such a cute menu!
Such a cute menu!

So we started off with our coffees and ordered magics…

2 magics... more on the price later
2 magics please!

The coffees were good and strong 🙂 However, we were slightly taken aback by the price we were charged after we finished our meal. More on that later..

I don’t usually go for a sweet dish for brunch but I heard reviews about the french toast and I had a craving for something sweet that day. So Ms JQ and I decided to share 1 savoury & 1 sweet dish.

Our savoury dish…

Pork Belly Potato Hash - $17.50
Pork Belly Potato Hash – $17.50

This is meant to be a fusion dish, with the enoki, shimeiji mushrooms and sesame sauce giving it an Asian twist. The sauce was not overly creamy and the pork belly was sliced so thinly that it tasted almost like bacon, but less salty. And because the pork belly came in thin slices, it did not feel too heavy with the potato hash.

And pop goes the yolk!
And pop goes the yolk!

The mushrooms also gave the dish an earthy and nutty finish. To summarise, Ms JQ and I enjoyed this dish very much as we thought that this dish was quite creative and the elements worked well together 🙂

The waitress actually made a mistake with our orders, giving us normal toast instead of french toast (oops). So we sent it back and it just so happened that it came just as we finished our savoury dish – I guess it’s good timing after all!

French Toast with butterscotch banana & bacon - $17.50
French Toast with butterscotch banana & bacon – $17.50

Boy was I glad that we were sharing this dish – just look at that pool of butterscotch sauce!

Half of the toast would do please!
Half of the toast would do please!

I was afraid that the generous serving of the butterscotch sauce was going to make the bread soggy but oh well, at least you could still taste abit of the crispiness of the toast. I love the touch of bacon there to not make the dish sickly sweet and the pistachios added a nice crunchiness and savouriness. Overall, this was a delicious dish as well but I’m sure if I would be able to conquer the whole thing by myself!

The only thing that marred our experience was that we found out at the end of the meal that we were charged $4.30 for our magics instead of $3.80 for white coffees as stated on the menu. Ms JQ took the bill and didn’t think much when she paid for it and we only found out after we got home. If not, we would have probably asked.

The only reason I could think of why we were charged $4.30 was because the magic was considered to be a double-shot espresso coffee. However, according to this article, a magic is actually made of a double ristretto which makes it a single-shot espresso really. And for all of the other cafes I’ve brunched at, I’ve never been charged differently for a magic from other single shot white coffees!

Oh well, but that aside, the experience at Le Miel Et La Lune was what I expected in a weekday brunch in Melbourne – a good cuppa coffee, lovely sunshine that spilled into the cafe’s windows, unique brunch fare and spending time with a good friend at a leisurely pace 🙂

Loving the rustic exterior!
Loving the rustic exterior!

For the quality of food and coffee, as well as the charming ambience, I find this cafe quite underrated, being overshadowed by the other cafe giants on Urbanspoon. So if you’re in the Carlton area looking for a good brunch, do give Le Miel Et La Lune a try (and maybe just clarify with them the price of the coffee 😛 )!

Le Miel Et La Lune on Urbanspoon

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