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Two Birds One Stone

So as I’ve mentioned before, to make a brunch memorable, there are 2 essential elements – coffee & the food. The coffee has to be made good enough to perk you up and the brunch fare should be exciting enough to get you raving. And did Two Birds One Stone managed to kill these 2 birds with 1 stone? (haha sorry, I couldn’t help myself there). Well let’s find out!

Following our fancy dinner to wind down 2013, my high school girlfriends and I reunited in early 2014 for a brunch date. Since we had such a good time at Top Paddock, I was quite keen to try Two Birds One Stone, as I heard that they were opened by the same people behind Top Paddock.

We got there right in the middle of the brunch peak time, at 11am. There was a crowd waiting outside the cafe and the waitress apologetically told us that it could be a 30minute wait. But since we weren’t in a rush, as with the rest of the brunch crowd in queue, we were happy to wait. We had lots to catch up about our holidays anyway!

So while waiting for our table, I ordered a latte to start off with (having learnt from my experience at Beatrix!):

Don't mind me while I wait with my latte ($3.80)!
Don’t mind me while I wait with my latte ($3.80)!

The blend was bold and that was definitely enough to get me buzzing! There were dark chocolate tones to it and at the end with some fruity notes. However, I thought that the coffee was not as creamy as I wanted. Perhaps that can be forgiven with the number of coffees flying out of the espresso machine that day!

1 busy busy cafe
1 busy busy cafe

After 20minutes, the waitress came up to us with 3 seats available. Even while we had our menus when waiting in queue, we still took awhile to choose our dishes – so many dishes sounded good and it didn’t help that they had specials too!

Here’s Ms TY’s coffee – she had no complaints with her coffee too 🙂

Ms TY's flat white
Ms TY’s flat white

And we didn’t have to wait too long for our food – yay!

Ms YY’s choice for the day:

House smoked salmon omelette with beetroot relish, goats cheese & chervil on toast - $17.50
Leek & potato roesti with house smoked salmon, soft herb salad, pickled cucumber & poached egg – $18

I stole a bite from her dish and the combination of ingredients was an absolute winner. The smoked salmon was light enough to cut through the fried roesti, with the salad giving it a fresh zing. And of course, who can forget the oozy yolk of the egg spilling everywhere on the dish to tie everything together.

As for Ms TY and I, we went for the special of the day:

Grilled kaiserfleisch on toast, chargrilled peaches, poached eggs with an almond, goats cheese & watercress salad - $16.50
Grilled kaiserfleisch on toast, chargrilled peaches, poached eggs with an almond, goats cheese & watercress salad – $16.50

Where do I begin with this dish? I loved every single element on this dish. The eggs were perfectly poached, the kaiserfleisch (or bacon ham) was hearty and the peaches! Wow I never had grilled peaches before and in this instance, I thought it was a wonderful way to present the peaches – the top was crisp and as you scrape deeper into the peach, the rest of the fruit just melts in your mouth, like a roasted pumpkin but with a more zesty sweetness. Lovely!

And the salad was beautiful as well – goats cheese can be really heavy but in this instance, it was used sparingly and I love the extra crunch of the almonds added to the salad.

My only complaint would be that it was too filling a meal – Ms TY and I were actually struggling to finish the dish… oops. Haha that’s not a complaint really – I thought that with the quality and amount of ingredients we were getting on that dish, it was quite value for money!

So the verdict? Two Birds One Stone has definitely nailed it with its good coffee and unique brunch fare. It also helps that it’s in South Yarra where there are many dessert choices to choose from after a good brunch (which is what we did by the way – blog post to come soon!) So do give Two Birds One Stone a try if you want a good brunch experience in a good foodie area – in short, to kill two birds with one stone!

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