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6 Sisters Round the Table

What happens when you have a friend who shares your interest in cooking and good food? Haha well, expect him/her to egg you on! (Uh-oh, too punny?) Well, if you haven’t already noticed, a lot of my friends enjoy their food. In particular, there’s Ms JQ.

So Ms JQ and I are fans of Jamie Oliver and after watching his cooking shows on TV or seeing his recipes online, we tend to leave messages for each other which goes like this…

‘Ahhhh I wanna make this {insert link}’


‘Ahhh saw this on TV the other day and this looks so good! {insert link}’

Haha so that’s how our conversations usually go, and before you know it, it goes on to:

‘Ok let’s cook it together!!’

And yup, that’s how our dinner projects began. And we can’t just have it to the 2 of us right? So we asked the other sisters who lived nearby – Ann, Ms RK, Ms EL and Ms YL. And that’s how we got our dinner for 6!

So to feed the 6 of us, we decided to do the following:

Dinner for 6 Sisters

Roast chicken with lemon & rosemary roast potatoes

The best cauliflower & broccoli cheese

Pan-fried carrots & mushrooms

Surprise dessert by Ms EL!

Knowing how good Ms EL is with her desserts, I asked her if she can bring something to the dinner and she agreed 😀

Ann wanted to join in the kitchen fun so she and Ms JQ worked hard on the cauliflower & broccoli cheese bake, with the food processor that Ms YL kindly lent us (thanks Ms YL!). That left me to concentrate on the roast chicken & potatoes.

For the other vegetable side-dish, I had this ‘brilliant’ idea of having the carrots shredded up instead of having them in normal chunks because I wanted to experiment with the textures. Ms JQ and Ann just silently shredded them before I realised how much hard work it was (oops). So once I popped the chicken in the oven, I quickly helped out with the shredding… what was I thinking?! That goes to show what good sisters I have – so helpful and no complaints from them! They even happily called themselves ‘April’s sous-chefs’! Seriously?? I’m no chef!!

And the results of our hard work in the kitchen!

A Roasted Chook for 6!
A Roasted Chook for 6!
JO's cauliflower & broccoli cheese bake replicated!
JO’s cauliflower & broccoli cheese bake replicated!

We were quite efficient in the kitchen and we probably took only 1.5h from prep to finish – way to go!

The other sisters arrived soon after and the dinner began!

Dinner table is laid!
Dinner table is laid!

A simple dinner it was, and it was a blessed time of having a meal together, as we chatted and laughed around the table. We also had a prayer & sharing session after the dinner and it was nice way to end the night by praying for one another 🙂

And yup, JO’s caulifower & broccoli cheese bake is really the best veggie cheese bake I’ve had… I love how there’s an added broccoli cream to up the veggie quota in the dish!

And the highlight of the night really, was Ms EL’s epic dessert…

A Cream Puffs Tower!
A Cream Puffs Tower!

This talented sister actually made 3 different types of pastry for the 6 of us – earl grey puffs, mini choc eclairs & lemon curd pastries with raspberries. Ms EL even told us that we should work from the bottom up because it would start from the least to the sweetest of the pastries… wow talk about working the tastebuds!

Puff pastry with earl grey cream filling... yum!
Puff pastry with earl grey cream filling… yum!

It was so delightful tasting each 1 of them and it was interesting that everyone had their personal favourite pastry of the night. Mine was the Earl Grey cream puff because I found the cream filling so unique! Thanks Ms EL for such a nice sweet treat!

It was nice that every sister contributed to the dinner that night – Ms JQ and Ann as my fellow cooks, Ms YL with her food processor, Ms EL for her dessert and Ms RK… well, let’s just say she contributed with her bubbly company and laughter.. haha. Well, the poor girl at that time was suffering as an architecture student so I guess the least we could do was to spare her the stress of dinner-making and give her some food and stress-relief! 😛

So yup, this is what happens when you have a friend, or a few friends in my case, who share your liking for cooking shows and exploring recipes. A sure recipe for more cooking adventures and dinner parties! 😉

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