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Station Street Trading Co.

Do you ever feel that sometimes, you need a break from a break? Sometimes, travelling can be quite exhausting – from the planning of going into the unknown, the navigating around a foreign land, making sure that you’re maximising your time there and hitting the best spots… it can all be quite overwhelming!

I like the thrill of travelling and exploring the world but at some point, I do find it necessary for the adventure to end and head back to the normal routines of life. As God had inspired the writer of Ecclesiastes to say, ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:’ (Ecc 3:1). How true is His word!

So after ending my 2013 with a whirlwind trip back to Singapore/Taiwan, I was actually quite glad to return to Melbourne, where the pace suddenly slowed down and I finally had some time to myself, to recuperate and have some quiet time with God. I was thankful that I had the opportunity to spend the Christmas/New Year break with my family and friends back in Singapore, but by the end of it, I was getting a bit tired from all the playing in these busy cities.

I was also happy to return back to where new responsibilities within my job were waiting for me (I was just given a new role before I left for my break – praise God!), and where I could return to the old church that I have grown to be so familiar in within the past 8 years.

So in a fitting manner, the start of 2014 saw me having a typical Melburnian brunch with a brother and 2 sisters-in-Christ – Mr JC, Ms CC & Ms NO – before we all went for our 1st Youth Group meeting of 2014 🙂

They were quite happy to let me pick the place so I thought of Station Street Trading Co.!

1st brunch of 2014 at Station St Trading Co.!
1st brunch of 2014 at Station St Trading Co.!

I heard about their famous bacon stack so I was curious to try it out! (More on that later…) And as many of the cafes were still closed for the holidays, Station Street was 1 of the few open. So when we reached the cafe, it was fairly quiet and didn’t have the infamous Sat brunch crowd.. not that we were complaining! It’s nice to be ushered in to a seat immediately and get a coffee pronto!

So we started off with a round of coffees…

Clockwise from top: Skinny Capp, Chai Latte, Magic & Latte
Clockwise from top: Skinny Capp, Chai Latte, Magic & Latte

I find it interesting that we all had our choice of poison – who would have thought that there can be so many variations to the humble cup of coffee? Anyway, Mr JC is the odd one out who doesn’t drink coffee!

And which 1 did I get?

The 1 & only Melbourne Magic!
The 1 & only Melbourne Magic!

And I have to say, despite all the active coffee-hunting back in Singapore, that first sip of my magic just slipped me back to familiar bliss. There’s just something about the coffee in Melbourne – the unique blend of the coffee beans, the quality of the milk, the strength of the espresso etc. The magic was smooth and strong, and it made me feel that I was finally back in Melbourne!

After being revived by our morning coffees, we were ready for food!

Ms CC’s choice:

Roasted Mushrooms w spinach, goats cheese & poached egg on multigrain toast - $15.50
Roasted Mushrooms w spinach, goats cheese & poached egg on multigrain toast – $15.50

Mr JC’s choice:

Smoked salmon w zucchini, capers, rocket, fennel jam & poached egg - $16
Smoked salmon w zucchini, capers, rocket, fennel jam & poached egg – $16

While Ms NO and I stuck to the house speciality of the Station Street Stack!!

Poached eggs, bacon, smashed avocado, spinach, mushroom & beetroot relish on toast - $18
Poached eggs, bacon, smashed avocado, spinach, mushroom & beetroot relish on toast – $18

Just like family, we have grown accustomed to sharing our dishes and have no qualms about picking at each other’s food. So our joint verdict on the food?

We thought that Ms CC’s dish was a little too strong with the goat’s cheese and she did struggle to finish the cheese. The roasted mushrooms on the other hand, were lovely and juicy.

As for Mr JC’s dish, the flavours were refreshing and fitting for a light brunch. But he did find it a little too light. Haha I guess guys need a more filling meal!

And as for the Station Street Stack

Station Stack dissected
Station Stack dissected

I can now understand why this dish is such a hot favourite. The combination of the ingredients was just perfect – how can you go wrong with eggs, bacon, spinach and mushrooms?? It also helped that each ingredient was cooked well and the colours on the plate were all pleasing to the eyes!

The bacon was also quite special – it was crispy and wasn’t as salty. I liked how they presented them in sticks – I guess this is the Aussie version of satay!

Anyway, it was quite clear which dish we enjoyed the most. I had also chosen this cafe because I thought that it was still housing pastries from Lune Croissanterie. Having heard so much about its croissants, I convinced the rest to order a croissant to share.

Almond croissant - $4.50
Almond croissant – $4.50

Silly me didn’t think to ask the waitress where the croissant was from before ordering it. And upon biting into it, we realised that this could not be from Lune – the pastry was too doughy and it was too sweet. It was nothing like the reviews I’ve heard about Lune’s perfectly flaky and buttery croissants! So that prompted me to ask the waitress and she told me that they have stopped ordering from Lune already and we would only be able to get them directly from their Elwood cafe. Sigh oh well!

Anyway, despite the disappointment about the croissant and slight flaws in the dishes, we enjoyed the peaceful ambience in the cafe, friendly service and of course, each other’s company. The Station Stack is indeed quite special but it would be nice to see more house specialities emerge from this cafe!

So that was my way of kicking start 2014 – with a cuppa good ol’ Melbourne coffee, satisfying brunch fare and some warm fellowship. And being able to start the new year while slipping back into the familiar routines of life with old friends is something that I’m thankful for, as I ready myself for the upcoming challenges of the new year. So what new adventures would 2014 bring? Well, we will just have to stay tuned!

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