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Coffee on the run

In Melbourne, we’re definitely spoilt for coffee choices, but have you ever had those days when you’re rushing to get to somewhere, and you need your morning fuel on the go, but just can’t seem to find it nearby? The nearest cafe is about a street away and it seems ever so daunting to grab a coffee and rush to catch the next train with a coffee cup in hand. And you end up grabbing a coffee at a stand 100m away from the train station, dash to the train platform just as the train pulls in, and then when you finally settle down in the train and take your first sip of coffee, you would go, blech!

Yes, I’ve had those days.

I’ve had a few bad experiences with Hudsons Coffee and Gloria Jean’s when I was grabbing a coffee on the go, as these places always seem to pop up near a train station or at the airport. I used to enjoy the coffee from there but from recent experiences, the coffee I got was so bad that I thought I was better off getting the $1 Hungry Jack’s espresso coffee. As a result, I’m very wary of franchise coffee places now!

And today, I came across Streat Melbourne Central.

A good spot for a coffee run!
A good spot for a coffee run!

I was catching a train from Melbourne Central and just as I was pondering where I could get my morning coffee, lo and behold, Streat popped up in front of me. The stall is so conveniently located by the escalator that led directly to the train station below. I’ve read some good reviews about the Streat Cafe so I thought I would give their stand a go.

Coffee blend of the day
Coffee blend of the day

The barista was really friendly and we had a small chat. It turns out that he’s been making coffee for 7 years and has been working at Streat for 6 months now. I also noticed that the stall had displayed that the blend of the day won a ‘Silver Medal’ award (although I didn’t quite catch for which competition!). So with the barista’s experience and a stamp of approval on the coffee blend, all seems promising with the coffee!

So I grabbed this coffee with me, got to the train station, caught the train, sat down and took my first sip…….

$3.50 latte
$3.50 latte

……And to my relief, that cuppa that did not disappoint. The flavour of the coffee was bold and robust, with hints of dark chocolate lingering in the aftertaste. There was so much character to the coffee that it did not feel like I was grabbing it off from a stall! Needless to say, it was a very pleasant train ride with a good cuppa in hand.

With the friendly service and good coffee, it was like having a cafe experience all the same, even when on the go. So if you’re ever catching a train at Melbourne Central and need a coffee on the go, be sure to check out Streat!

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