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Singapore Zam Zam

There is something about Malay/Indian food that draws me – the strong spices, the spicy kick and in some sense, the colour of the food (?!). Haha well, we do eat with our eyes and I must say that because of the variety of spices and ingredients used, the Malay/Indian cuisine tends look really colourful and appetising. And that to me, are all the draw factors of this cuisine.

Singapore Zam Zam (697 N Bridge Rd, Singapore 198675) has been a long established name for the Indian Muslim cuisine in Singapore. And this time round, during my trip back, I went to check out this well-established restaurant. Ms Slim* claimed that they still house the best chicken murtabak in Singapore so our mission was to find out if they still lived up to its name of having the best Muslim food in town!

First up, we ordered Bee Hoon Goreng:

Bee Hoon Goreng aka Fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles
Bee Hoon Goreng aka Fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles

See what I mean when I say that the food is colourful? This dish was nothing short of morish. The airy-light texture of the vermicelli noodles makes it a deceivingly light dish. There was also hidden gems in this dish, of minced meat in Indian spices, pieces of buk choy and diced onions. And because these ingredients were so finely chopped, it just made everything seem so light and peckish.

We found ourselves constantly pecking at this dish and were even fighting for the last few strands of bee hoon! Haha.

And of course, the reason why we came – the chicken murtabak:

Best Chicken Murtabak in town, IMHO
Best Chicken Murtabak in town, IMHO

Yes, I’m happy to say that Singapore Zam Zam has lived up to its name. The chicken was infused with the Arab spices and surprisingly tender. I’ve had quite a few murtabaks and the meat inside it is usually dry. But not at Singapore Zam Zam!

The finely chopped onions were just enough to give it a twang of sweetness, and with the fried prata bread to finish it off. The prata was of the right texture – not too chewy and not too doughy. Yums!

And what’s a Malay/Indian meal without teh tarik to wash it all down?

Whoops I kind of drank up half the foam before this pic
Whoops I kind of drank up half the foam before this pic

The teh tarik here was on the sweet side, as with all Asian drinks. I think my tongue has grown accustomed to the bitter espresso coffees!

So if you’re looking for a quintessential murtabak/teh tarik/mee goreng/prata fix in Singapore, look no further than the well-established Singapore Zam Zam!

*credits again to Ms Slim for the photos 🙂 She does take her food photography seriously!

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