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Easter Lamb Stew for Christmas

Yes, you read my title right – what is a recipe for Easter doing here in the near-Christmas season??

So Christmas is fast approaching and for many people here in Australia, it is a time of family feasting – lots of roasts, seafood, fresh fruit, desserts… the list goes on!

So yes, there is no lack of Christmas recipes out there but lately, I’ve been slightly obsessed with this show:


Image taken from

Hmm yeah, there is something about these 2 bickering old Italian men that intrigues me. Is it their wrinkles or chubby figures? Haha.

Well, their knowledge about food and cooking with the right ingredients is enough to suck me in. Coupled with the beautiful landscape of Italy and their own stories of growing up in Italy, that is enough to keep you glued to the screen IMHO!

So anyway, when Gennaro started cooking this recipe, Easter Lamb Stew, I just knew I had to replicate it. There were the usual suspects for a stew – garlic, carrots, celery and onions and thyme. But then there were also anchovies, peas, vinegar and chilli! Wow that really got me curious and the combination just sounds too good to be missed!

So anyway, here’s the result of my experiment:


Verdict? Molto delizioso! There is the natural sweetness of all the veggies, coupled with the gamey taste of the lamb, making it a very earthy and comforting dish, as all stews are. But this stew has ranked up there as my favouritest one so far, as I love how there is no added stock to this stew, with it relying only on all of the ingredients in this dish. The anchovies do add to a tinge of saltiness, while the chilli gives it a slight spicy kick. If I were to do it again, I’ll definitely add in another chilli! The cherry tomatoes and vinegar also add a lovely sourness to it, cutting through the earthiness of the dish.

I couldn’t quite make up my mind if the lamb or veggies was the hero of this dish, but they definitely go well together! Gennaro Contaldo has done a wonderful job in creating this dish!

So why not try this one out for Christmas? A very homely dish and the colours on the plate do help to bring the festive feel to it! And with it being so simple to prepare, it definitely won’t hurt having this one on the table, together with the many usual Christmas dishes!

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